Charlie Green

When we featured Filipino singer Madonna Decena on our site, we didn’t know that there was another Pinoy who also auditioned for “Britain’s got talent”. His name is Charlie Green, a 10-year-old half-Filipino, half-Briton kid who, just like Madonna, got a standing ovation from both the audience and the panel of judges.

We just love winners here, as you may have noticed by now. Anyway, here’s TV Patrol’s report on the success of these two kababayans:


3 thoughts on “Charlie Green

  1. Maria Shaun

    They might as well call this show “Philippines’s got talent.” Wonderful kid, this Charlie is.

  2. Emjei

    Hi po. Good day. Could I ask for Lakan Dula High School’s address? Kasi po I was placed and scheduled there for the upcoming nursing board exams and I’m from Las Pinas pa and have no idea where Lakan Dula is. I’ve never been to Tondo either. Thanks!

    The Site Team: Hi, Emjei! Please check your email. And good luck to your exams.

  3. Jerry Tan

    Have you also heard of Arnel Pineda? He’s the Pinoy guy who was recently chosen as the Journey’s new vocalist. He recently guested on Ellen DeGeneres’s show. Watch him here: and here

    Nice that you are featuring such achievers. Somehow their stories reflect your own experience: being successful against all odds.

    Magaling talaga Pinoy!

    The Site Team: Amen, Jerry!

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