Yoly on Mario and Laarni

Yoly Mañalac has joined forces with Dado Dizon in the search for our US-based classmates. Here’s Yoly’s latest update:

Hi Dado,

Kamusta na? Hope you’re doing well. I got Mario’s address but not sure if this is him as there are too many Mario Mercado’s in California. But this Mario Mercado has a middle initial of “M”, and was born in 1962. I kind of remember that he is Mario M. Mercado so hopefully, we are getting to the right Mario. I know Fresno is far from where you are. But here’s his information:

4240 Harvard Avenue
Fresno, CA 93722
(559) 275-2390

I got Laarni’s information after paying a fee. It didn’t offer much information except for an incomplete address. Went through another search engine, and I got a more complete address in LA with a phone number. Tried to call but line was already disconnected. I’m sending her mail and see if I can get to her, and hopefully, she responds.

Regards na lang to your family. Sana makasama mo ulit sila soon.

Take care,


And here’s Lito’s response to Yoly:

Hi Yoly,

I was reading this email of yours to Dado. Thanks a lot for your efforts in tracking down the missing peps there in the US.

Re Mario Mercado: we have gotten in touch with Malu Ortiz (if you haven’t read the post on our site) and she told us a IV-2 batchmate ran into Mario in Ontario and was told he and his wife had moved there. Malu tried to call up a number of Mercados she found in the telephone book but in vain. Mario’s middle initial is V (based on the Ang Baranggay staffbox).

i am providing Ruby a copy of this email. i have been prodding her to visit Mario’s relatives in Fullon to ask for his contact information. i think this is the best way to get hold of his address or phone number, isn’t it?

Anyway, we have a new update that you can read on our site. And everyone’s still hoping you could still make it to our reunion. Miracles do happen, you know.

Good day and let’s keep each other posted. ingat lagi.


Is Mario in the US or Canada? Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.


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