Dateline: Ontario

Ortiz-Kalyan family

Ortiz-Kalyan family: Arjun, Malu, Ishwar and Aarthi. Taken during Arjun’s high school graduation last January

Located in the central part of Canada, Ontario is the country’s second largest province after Quebec. Its capital is Toronto, but Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is also located there. It shares borders with the provinces of Manitoba to the west and Quebec to the east and the American states of Michigan, New York, Minnesota, Ohio and Pennsylvania. As of 2006, Ontario is home to 12,160,282 residents – that’s 38% of Canada’s total population – and this official census includes one classmate of ours: Marilu Ortiz.

Yes, we got her! Or should we say, she got us?

Malu and daughter Aarthi

Malu with daughter Aarthi who will be turning 18 this June

Malu got to know about this blog through her 18-year-old daughter who, while surfing the net, stumbled on the post Malu in Canada. She called her mom and asked her if she was the one being referred to in the article. After browsing it and a few more articles, Malu immediately sent this comment:

“Oh my God! It’s amazing! I couldn’t believe it? Lito and Eric, thank you so much for taking the time to locate me. You wouldn’t believe I was just talking about you with this batchmate from IV-3, Josephine Urbiztondo, who I met here. I am thrilled to have found you online. Extremely happy. Thanks for remembering my birthday. So many things to catch up, so many things to say. Memories are flashing back. Please give my hug and kisses to our friends. YOUR FRIENDSHIP MEANS A LOT. ALWAYS!”

Yesterday Lito Parungo received a phone call from Malu and they talked for more than an hour, reminiscing all those happy moments we had in high school.

Malu left for Canada in 1989. She is married to an Indian national and their union has produced two children. Malu is now working as a beauty specialist and she promised to do John Marte’s hair when she gets back to the Philippines.

Malu learned from Josie that Mario Mercado and his wife have moved to Canada. Unfortunately, Josie lost Mario’s contact information. In her email today, Malu said she tried calling up several Mercados in Ontario but failed to get the real Mario. She is planning to post an ad in a local newspaper that caters to the Filipino community.

Is Malu coming home this July? She said she will try her best and let’s just hope she makes it to the reunion. But for sure, you will hear more from this bubbly classmate of ours in the coming days.

Malu and Princess

Malu and her Princess


5 thoughts on “Dateline: Ontario

  1. Tim Ramsey

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

    Tim Ramsey

    The Site Team: Thanks, Tim!

  2. Eddie Roberto

    Dear Bruha,

    Este Malu pala…he-he-he! Hoy! Nandyan ka lang pala sa Canada kung saan saan mo pa kami pinaghanap. Akala mo makakaligtas ka kay Eric ha! Kahit saang imburnal ka pa magtago siguradong masusukol ka nun.

    Nandito ako ngayon sa Qatar at nagpapa-dark ng kulay sa disyerto ng Ras Laffan. Uwi ako sa July 10 para sa reunion. Ikaw uwi ka na rin para kumpleto ang barkada.

    ‘Musta na nga pala ang family mo? Padala ka naman ng picture.

    Hanggang sa muli…ingat.

    Ang iyong pinsan,
    Eddie “Piolo Pascual” Roberto

  3. the Site Team

    Eddie et al,

    Ano kaya, we publish an online petition to pressure Malu, and the other peps abroad, to attend our reunion?

  4. Eddie Roberto


    Subukan nimo na dili umattend sa reunion at ipa-publish ko sa lahat ng wibsayt (website) ang mga pinagsasabi nimo nung malasing ka sa amin na balay…nung…nung…purbida! Bahala ka…basta itsitsismis kita kapag di ka pumunta. Yun lang at baboo.

    Ang iyong pinsan na kaklase,
    Eddie “Cesar Montano” Roberto

  5. Eric Macatangay

    Hi Malu,

    How’s my bestfriend? Kala mo di kita mahahanap noh? Kaya nung umuwi ako, lahat ng natutulog na klasmeyts natin binubuhay ko. Si Yolz nakontak na rin, alam mo na rin. Kaya lang bitin vacation ko. Sana at least mga 6 or 8 ang balak kong hanapin. Di bale andyan ka na. Naalala ko kayo nina Remy, Zeny ang active noon pa sa galaan natin. Basta ingat lagi at sana makachat kita soon. God bless.

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