De Paris, avec amour

Chie in front of Moulin Rouge

Reny in front of Moulin Rouge, a renowned venue for world-class shows

After having been silent since returning to England more than three months ago, Reny “Chie” dela Peña is here again to update us about life in Europe.

Chie would like to remind us she has never forgotten the peps, saying she was just so busy the past few months. Yes, so busy that she took time out from her work and decided to fly to Paris for a lightning visit.

This is Chie’s contribution to our new site section Travelogue, which was started by Lito Parungo with his post Queen’s Day in Holland. Chie promised to tour all of us (vicariously, that is) through the streets of London soon.

And before we forget, we would like to greet Chie a great, great birthday on May 10. Enjoy your day, girl! And merci beaucoup for these nice photos.

Les Jardins du Trocadero, a 10-hectare garden

The Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral

Seine River

Boat tour of the Seine River

Eiffel Tower

Would a French vacation be complete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower?

Aerail view of Paris

View of Paris from the Eiffel Tower

To see more photos of Chie’s vacation in Paris, visit our online photo album.


4 thoughts on “De Paris, avec amour

  1. Remy Tuazon-Martin

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY FRIEND!!! Relax and enjoy your day. Wishing you happiness, more success and good health. Take care always and GOD BLESS YOU.

  2. Larry Ramos

    Dear Chie,

    Belated happy birthday po. Hope you are having a wonderful time there. With all those beautiful places, as beautiful as you are, sino ang hindi magkakaroon ng wonderful time? I am very happy for you. Ingat po palagi diyan. God Bless.

  3. Eric Macatangay

    Hi Reny,

    Belated happy birhtday ha. Buti ka pa panay gala mo ah. Iba na ang single noh? Pareho na tayo.

    May the lord bless you and always take care.

  4. Dado Dizon

    Hi Reny, better late than neve. Belated happy birthday sa iyo. Mukhang maaliwalas ang aura mo sa picture. Naniniwala na ako na may asim ka pa talaga.

    I wish you good health para ma maintain yung asim (joke lang).


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