Queen’s Day in Holland

Queen\'s Day in Holland

It’s Queen’s Day today in Holland (or The Netherlands, as the Dutch would prefer their country to be called). And as always people, many clad in orange, go out of the streets en masse to transform the whole country into the world’s biggest flea market, where one can buy and sell old household stuff for giveaway prices. Cultural and musical performances and other merrymaking activities, particularly drinking, are also part of the day-long celebration.

Flea market during Queen\'s Day

Street performances during Queen\'s Day

Food galore during Queen\'s Day

Here’s an entry in Wikipedia about this national holiday known as Koninginnedag: “It started as a celebration of the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina (1880-1962), on August 31. After 1948 Koninginnedag moved to April 30 (the birthday of Queen Juliana). When Queen Beatrix succeeded her mother Queen Juliana on April 30, 1980 (Queen Juliana’s 71st birthday), she decided to keep the holiday on April 30th as a tribute to her mother. Furthermore, the weather on her own birthday (January 31st) tends to prohibit the traditional outdoor festivities. April 30th, however, is renowned for having very pleasant weather.”

Fluvial parade on Queen\'s Day

Street performers on Queen\'s Day

Dancing on a boat Queen\'s Day

Lito Parungo, our Amsterdam-based classmate, did a coverage of this year’s celebration. This report will be part of our site’s new feature where the peps are asked to write a travelogue of their visits to different places in the Philippines and abroad.

Pinoys joining the celebration of Queen\'s Day


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