Yoly, at last!

Those who have seen Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu’s “Babel” can definitely appreciate what we mean if we compare our search for our missing classmates to this Academy Award-winning film. The movie begins with an incident in Morocco, which will later have a profound effect on other persons living in the United States, Mexico and Japan.

Consider now our search for Yoly Mañalac. Jeddah-based Eric Macatangay visited a batchmate of ours, Reginal Cruz (IV-3), in Manila, and asked him if he still had any communication with Yoly. The meeting produced a calling card, the content of which Eric immediately sent to Lito Parungo in Amsterdam. Lito, for his part, shared it with Dado Dizon in Los Angeles, requesting him to call up our Jersey-based classmate.

While “Babel” has a tragic ending, ours had a happy one, with Yoly getting in touch with the three peps.

In an email we received today, Dado said he was able to talk to Yoly who, he reported, was very excited to have found out there was another member of the IV-1 peps living in the US. The two have agreed to meet up in July, in time for Yoly’s annual visit to California to see her mother and sister. That means both are unable to attend our July reunion. Dado and Yoly suggested instead we hold another reunion (Christmas party?) in December 2009 because they are planning to spend the Yuletide season in the Philippines.

To give you an idea how everything is going with Yoly, we are posting below her emails to Eric and Lito. We have requested her to send us new pictures so that we can immediately replace those “oldies” that we have been recycling on the site.

Welcome back to the fold, Yoly. And cheers to the peps who have been working as a team to track down our dear classmates, in the Philippines and all over the world.

Here are Yoly’s emails:

Hi Eric,

Thank you for sending me the links below, and for not forgetting my birthday. I have been such a bad friend 😦 for forgetting to greet you a happy birthday. So belated happy birthday last January 4 (better late than never), and an advance happy birthday for next year.

I have checked the links below, and oh my … I am very appreciative of all of you for putting this website together, and all the efforts going into this .. tracking down everybody, keeping the site up-to-date, etc. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

Your kids are turning out well. You must be so proud of them. Congratulations for bringing up such kids ! You should give yourself a pat on the back for such a great accomplishment as a parent.

I am amazed by your works of art. You are good! You have been good at it since high school but you just didn’t have the tools of the trade. Now that you do, you are really making good use of sharing that talent of yours. I have started oil painting, too, and I guess I will specialize in lighthouses and kids. I am not as talented as you, but painting for me has a calming effect. It is relaxing.


Take care, regards to your kids, Ida and Ina, and to all our LDHS classmates! Take care of yourself !!! God Bless!


Hi Lito,

How are you? You know I am not used to calling you Lito as I have a term of endearment for you that starts with a “P”. But I guess in time I will get used to calling you Lito. Anyway, I would like to thank you all for putting up the LDHS78 website. I appreciate all your efforts not to mention time and money to keep this site up and running. It is the best way to connect with everybody, and I can’t think of anything better!

I talked to Dado this morning. He sounded the same, and it was nice to hear his voice. I was surprised to hear that he’s based in California. I go there every year to visit my mom and my sister. I will be there in July, and Dado and I plan to meet up in LA.

I saw my picture on the site, and I almost fell off my chair. I couldn’t stop laughing. Can I please make a request to remove that ugly kikay picture from there. Thank you, Pompi!!!

It was nice to see the pictures, and the reunion video. I miss you all. Too bad I won’t be there in July for the reunion. Will you be in Manila at that time?

Take care!!!



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