Random updates

A group of peps – Keih dela Cruz, Eric Macatangay, Ruby Gaviola-Guevarra and Jo Monte de Ramos – have just entered Metro Manila as this article is being written. They are returning from Laguna where they visited three prospective venues for our class reunion on July 12-13. In a long-distance telephone conversation with Lito Parungo, they reported they are considering striking a deal with one of those three resorts in Calamba (see “silent” video below) and will let us know as soon as it is finalized.

The visit was a decision made during the peps’ April 5 meeting that was also attended by Remy Tuazon-Martin, Zeny Cervantes-Vigo, John Marte Marcella, and the four classmates mentioned above,

As of today, a total of 50 persons are attending the reunion. Remy is still busy finalizing the list and is requesting all of you to inform her how many guests you are bringing along. Specific suggestions on the activities we shall be having during the reunion itself have also started coming in. Please forward any suggestions you have so that they could be incorporated into the actual program.

Jo said her brother, Gil (or JR), might not be able to make it to the reunion, saying he’s currently taking care of another sister who just arrived in Canada last Friday. Nevertheless, we requested Jo to relay our insistence to try his best to come home and join us. If all else fails, just meet up with JR in November this year for his long-planned vacation in the country.

We also received an email from Eddie Roberto yesterday. He was asking about the final reunion date so that he could already file his vacation. As you all know already, Eddie is currently working in the deserts of Qatar, which he describes as yet another lonely chapter in his life as an overseas Filipino worker. Just hang in there, Eddie Boy, and look forward to our get-together. Hindi ka nag-iisa.

Larry also sent us a note, apologizing for not being active in the reunion preparations. He told us how busy he was in El Salvador, Cagayan de Oro, where he was recently assigned by his company. Larry is presently in Taiwan for another job-related assignment and will be back soon. We are taking this opportunity to congratulate Larry’s daughter Larizza who is a graduating psychology major, cum laude, from the University of the Philippines this month.

Jo is also reminding everyone to remit our reunion donation as soon as possible. Get in touch with either Ruby or Keith for the bank account details.

See you in July and let’s continue searching for classmates who remain unaccounted for.

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