IV-1 class, Batch ’73

IV-1 class, batch ‘73

This is the class picture (click to enlarge) of the IV-1 class, Batch ’73, sent to us by one of its active members, Rebecca Alejo Regis.

Do you recognize familiar faces, particularly those in the mentors’ row? They are Miss Cresencia Reyes (second from left), Mrs. Quijano (fourth from left), Mrs. Salmorin (first from right) and Miss Virginia Jaen (second from right).

Rebecca wrote this short note about their batch:

Batch ’73 experienced lots of rallies and demos in and out of LDHS during our time. Our batch was handled by Mrs. Agnes M. Urban, an Ilocana who married a German guy. She was our teacher from 1st to 3rd year, a highly-spririted mentor, ate and friend to all of us. We have been looking for her.

We were into to a lot of fundraising activities for the poor edifice of LDHS back then. Some of our classmates include Bro. Delio Tocong, our very active rally leader then, who is now an El Shaddai preacher doing his rounds in and out of the US; Catalina Meneses, a nurse now based in Los Angeles; and Marilou Angeles Constantino, who is with the United Nations. A lot more have been successful in various fields.

We might have had dilapidated school buildings at that time, aside from coming from Tondo and having attended a public school, but we should be proud that many of us have proven ourselves to be outstanding LDHS graduates. Hurray!

Click the following links to see their class pictures from first to third year:

And below is a thread of their latest email exchanges that will give us an idea how they got reunited and  found their favorite teacher:

Marilou Constantino wrote:

Dear Mrs. Urban,

How are you? I wish to verify if you are our adviser in Lakan Dula High School where we finished high school in 1973. Could you please email back at *****?

We are really enthusiastic to get in touch with our classmates and teachers.

Marilou Angeles Constantino

Mrs. Agnes Urban replied:

Hi, Marilou!

Of course I remember you! And, yes, I am your former English school teacher at Lakan Dula High School!

Are you now working with the UN? Great!

I am a retiree, turned 65 last November 26, turning 66 this year. Very proud to reach this young age. Very proud to be remembered by you!

How did you get me? I wouldn’t be surprised by your answer. Your knowhow in this internet age is certainly heaven away from mine!

You can’t imagine how eager I am to hear from each one. So, is your class intending to meet some time soon?

I hope I can come home to visit my father turning 88 in December.

Thanks, I am well! Hope and pray you and your family as well!

Ingat lang! God bless us all!

Ma. Agnes Mendoza Urban

Marilou to Mrs. Urban:

Dear Ma’am,

You don’t know how excited and happy each one is with this latest happenings in our lives. What a great world and great opportunity to reach each other in different parts of the world with the high-tech communication we have. I am copying this to everyone!

Nag-meet sina Rebecca Alejo Regis, Aurora Calaoagan Maghirang, Teresa Esquivel, Priscilla Samonte Esguerra, Ricardo Bajao at Cristina Nadurata sa condo ni Teresa. Someone mentioned that during our last reunion at Cristina’s that I am working at the UN, so Rebecca sent a short email, saying: “Hi, do you remember me?”. This was how the email marathon began. I’ve searched for Delio Tocong, Catalina Meneses, Mario Ventura, Rolando Carta and last night Leonardo Quijano thru the help of others who gave me some clues on their whereabouts.

When Cristina mentioned in one of her emails that it’s not true that Jose Macaraeg passed away because he called her one time saying that he is a choreographer in Germany, I started searching and jackpot! I bumped into your name and your organization – ASIANA: TAHANANG PILIPINO. That’s where I got your email. When you didn’t reply in one day, I sent a fax. Did you get both of them? This is an answered prayer, we are ecstatic to have you among us.

Our email marathon began two weeks ago, and we are all interrupted in our daily work and activities. I am still searching for Felizardo Caisip and German Estrella who is a medical doctor now. Anyway, maybe you will be swarmed with email now. It’s good you are retired so you have extra time to read and exchange news with us.

Until next time,
Marilou Angeles Constantino

P.S. My son just came back from Cologne, Germany (visited UN Volunteer’s office), sana nakasama ako kung nalaman ko agad na nandyan ka!

Aurora Calaoagan Maghirang wrote:

Hello everybody!

Oh my, oh my God, what a pleasant surprise! “Mrs James Bond” (aka Lou) is doing a great job. Di na nga yata sya natutulog and has just located my “Nanay” (as what Becca referred to her in her email).

I kinda feel remiss for failing to locate Ma’am myself, as I had been to Germany three times already since I started working. And to think that my sisters residing in Mainz, Germany, had already told me that indeed, there is a Mrs. Urban in Cologne. Buti na lang, Internet age na. It’s quite amazing. . .

Ma’am, I will never forget you. A teacher who passionately led us to visualize more meaning in life, reach out to a vision and go . . . act on it and realize our dreams. My classmates used to tease me that you were my Nanay ‘coz I am also Ilocana. Well, classmates, you must admit this, I think Mrs Urban indeed liked me and maybe I was also a “favorite'”. But now, I’m not sure if she remembers me. Hehehe.

Ma’am gifted me with a wrist watch upon HS graduation. It was her personal watch, pamana nya sa akin, ‘coz she would laugh with the class when I tried
pronouncing the sample compund word “ring watch” the right way: accent at the second word .

We used to get awed by Mrs. Urban’s “elitist”English twang, so much different from our “Tondo English”. Hers was a St. Theresian English (I loved her poetry reading) and we were quite puzzled why, of all places, she chose to work in Tondo, while she lived in Sta Ana (is my recall right?) and with a German husband at that. And why work for a school with dilapidated buildings you could even hear the wooden floors creaked as you walked, the small campus getting muddy and flooded when it rained …

She was an inspiration to us all in building our very own Student Center in a small end corner of the old campus (now gone) across St Joseph church.

I entered UP after LDHS, not quite sure what course to take, until I finally decided to take BS Statistics since Math was my favorite subject, and I abhorred memory subjects. In Math, once I got the logical reasoning, I would be fine. I would get high every time I successfully solved a problem and proved an equation.

I worked for a while with the Metro Manila Commission after graduation, then transferred to the Development Bank of the Philippines in Makati where I have been working for almost 28 years now, doing research, project evaluation,and now development programs. It is quite an exciting work, knowing the fruits of our labor redound to the benefit of industries, sectors, areas, and individuals. And for a bonus, I get to travel a lot, local and abroad.

I met my husband Tony in my first job, writing is his passion. I have three children: Arianne (B.S Behavioral Science now working with TAPE Productions), Arabelle (Taking up B.S. Business Economics in UP), and Arnel (2nd year high school). From Tondo, we moved to Novaliches. We are now building a second house in Fairview where we are moving this July. I plan to be a housekeeper anew when I retire in four or five years.

Hala, ano ba itong ginagawa ko? Am I boring you guys? Sige tigilan ko muna. But yes, let’s seriously organize a reunion in February 2009.

I am providing a copy of this track to Batch ’78. They have a very nice blogsite, complete with desciptions of Tondo, Lakan Dula himself, the
campus, their batch, and some bits and pieces of other batches.

Mr. Lito Parungo, a member of their Site Team, might consider writing a gist of our email exchanges here, for publication on the site, just to inform others of what Batch ’73 has been up to. And by the way, I would like to ask Mr. Parungo and the Site Team if they could allocate a dedicated space for our batch on their website. This may solve our need for a more organized means of communication, rather than creating our own. I am not an IT person but perhaps Mario can communicate with them?

Warm regards,
(Aurora Calaoagan Maghirang)
Senior Assistant Vice President
Environmental Management Unit
Development Bank of the Philippines


7 thoughts on “IV-1 class, Batch ’73

  1. Aurora Calaoagan Maghirang

    Hello Site Team, Hello Classmates, Hello World:

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to IV-1 (Batch ’78). You did an excellent job in putting up this website. I’ve just toured the site and I must say, I am so proud of you and I feel so lucky for finding you thru my classmate Becca. She’s turning out to be the Jessica Soho of our group, linking us recently to so many long-lost friends. After our own mini-reunion just last March 7, Becca got us linked up again, and we have been exchanging funny, nostalgic memories since then. And thru this site, we shall certainly get more connected and organized, and global yet closer.

    It is so nice knowing you, guys. For sure, you will hear more from us.

    (I’m the one standing rightmost, 2nd row from the top, of IV-1 class picture, Batch ’73)

    The Site Team: Hi, Aoie! Thanks for the compliments. We’re also glad to have all of you here. And where’s Rebecca in the photo?

  2. Rebecca Alejo Regis

    By a twist of fate, I was placed in IV-2. Nevertheless my barkadas were all from Section 1 that’s why they’ve somehow forgotten that I was from a different section. Besides, we were all working for the school organ, having been together from 2nd to 4th year in the journalism class.

    Anyway, in our 3rd year photo, I am the last girl in the third row; in the 2nd year photo, I am in the 2nd row, 6th from right; and in the 1st year photo, I am the first girl in the second row. Thanks.

  3. Priscilla S. Esguerra

    Well, well, well, it’s another digging for Miss Becca. What with the recent photo being published… Classmates of batch ’73, be a gold miner… dig, dig, dig and voila…. your TREASURE pops out ……. your long, lost dear classmates of ’73.

  4. Aurora Calaoagan Maghirang

    Rebecca, unfortunately, was in IV-2, so she is not in the photo. She is the lady standing at the rightmost, 2nd row from the top, of 3rd year class picture (1971-72). A very soft spoken lady, perhaps that was the reason she was not made part of IV-1 which, to the woe of the mentors, were super ‘gulo’.
    A far cry from our high school days when she was quite chubby, Becca is now sexier, while we all have turned out “heavier”.

    Warm regards. . . Aoie

  5. Lito Parungo

    Hi, Aoie and the wonderful members of Batch ’73! It was really enjoyable reading this post. This is exactly how we started linking up with each other after being “inactive” for quite a while.

    Re your request to have a “dedicated” space on our site: We are more than willing to post updates about your activities, as we have been encouraging other fellow alumni to do the same.

    Nevertheless, I personally encourage you to put up your own blog because maintaining even a simple blog as this one can be time-consuming. That way you also have more control over its content, tone and pace. We can even help you set up your site and give you a one-day training on how to maintain it.

    The blogging service we are using (WordPress) is really very easy and does not require any prior programming knowledge. Maybe there are more people out there who might want to join this training?

    For a grander plan, we can also help in building a site for all LDHS graduates. Actually, we have been contemplating holding an informal brainstorming to discuss this. The hosts of the upcoming reunion this April have promised to announce this plan and it would be great if people could approach our class members and give their contact info. And, of course, they can always reach us through this site.

    Anyway, let’s keep in touch. And let’s all continue searching for our dear classmates.

  6. Dado Macapagal

    Hello all:

    We’re from batch ’71 and would like to connect with fellow alumni.

    We are starting our site (under construction): http://www.geocities.com/asyongs/LDHSSite.html

    We would like to link with you, to keep us both posted and also hoping we could trace most of our batchmates to complete the picture.



    The Site Team:
    Hi, Dado and members of Batch ’71! Good luck on this initiative. Please let us know as soon as your site is finished so that we can make a formal announcement here.

  7. Lito Aberin

    hello batch ’73 (thru batch ’78! galing ng routing noh),

    i remember those names: delio tocong and german estrella. thanks for sharing your class pic. i remember most of our teachers there, esp mrs. aurora bisa, IV-2 adviser. i also remember ms. orbeta-raymundo, ms. cayabyab of bio, and ms. mercado of pcl. thanks again for the memories.

    Lito Aberin
    Batch ’74

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