Queen’s Day in Holland

Queen\'s Day in Holland

It’s Queen’s Day today in Holland (or The Netherlands, as the Dutch would prefer their country to be called). And as always people, many clad in orange, go out of the streets en masse to transform the whole country into the world’s biggest flea market, where one can buy and sell old household stuff for giveaway prices. Cultural and musical performances and other merrymaking activities, particularly drinking, are also part of the day-long celebration.

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7 types of friendship

For our upcoming class reunion, we thought of having this as our theme: “Celebrating 30 years of friendship.” But how do we define friendship? We just found an interesting article about this topic and we thought of sharing it with all of you.

And by the way, we are now busy conceptualizing the reunion program. Any bright ideas?

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Yoly, at last!

Those who have seen Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu’s “Babel” can definitely appreciate what we mean if we compare our search for our missing classmates to this Academy Award-winning film. The movie begins with an incident in Morocco, which will later have a profound effect on other persons living in the United States, Mexico and Japan.

Consider now our search for Yoly Mañalac. Jeddah-based Eric Macatangay visited a batchmate of ours, Reginal Cruz (IV-3), in Manila, and asked him if he still had any communication with Yoly. The meeting produced a calling card, the content of which Eric immediately sent to Lito Parungo in Amsterdam. Lito, for his part, shared it with Dado Dizon in Los Angeles, requesting him to call up our Jersey-based classmate.

While “Babel” has a tragic ending, ours had a happy one, with Yoly getting in touch with the three peps.

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Malu in Canada

We already know where Marilu Ortiz is. Thanks to Eric Macatangay for taking time out to comb the streets of Tondo and look for our classmates there.

Eric went to Villafojas and was able to talk to Malu’s brother, Edgar. Unfortunately, Edgar was a bit tipsy that day and could not readily give her sister’s contact information.

Nevertheless, Eric was told that Malu has been living in Canada with her children. We have asked Ruby Gaviola to call up Malu’s mom to get our classmate’s email address and telephone number.

Eric also went to G. Perfecto to look for Minerva Llabres, but Eva was nowhere to be found. His next targets are Rogelio del Prado and Martina Kalaw, both Tondo residents, and Ariel Dimacali in Alabang.

Eric’s successful search for Yoly Mañalac will be discussed in a separate post. Yes, peps, we finally have gotten in touch with our Jersey-based classmate.

Math teachers

We have two more guests attending our July 12-13 reunion and both were our math teachers: Mrs. Aurora Torrijos and Miss Lourdes Rosalita (now Mutya).

The peps – Remy Tuazon, Ruby Gaviola, Gil Buan and Didi Espiritu – who attended the recent LDHS grand reunion on April 12 bumped into Mrs. Torrijos who was also present that evening. Mrs. Torrijos was a mentor of a number of peps in their freshman year.

Eric Macatangay, meanwhile, has talked with Ms. Rosalita, our statistics teacher in third year. Ma’am has been teaching in Laguna and was also a former teacher of Eric’s son and Jun and Zeny’s daughter. What a small world, indeed!

Mrs. Torrijos and Miss Rosalita are among those leading our list of favorite teachers in high school.

Laarni and Minerva V.

Two more peps who we haven’t found yet are celebrating their birthdays this month: Laarni Canicula (today) and Minerva Villafria (April 28). Does anyone know where they are?

Eric Macatangay, who now lives in Calamba, Laguna, tried to track down Minerva there but could no longer remember the exact place where she invited us for a swimming outing right after our high school graduation. Laarni, on the other hand, has lost touch since 1988.

Wherever you are, happy birthday. We haven’t given up on you as of yet.

April 5 meeting

April 5 meeting

Ruby Gaviola, Remy Tuazon and husband Danny Martin, Jo Monte de Ramos, Zeny Cervantes, Eric Macatangay and Keith dela Cruz

Kim Guevarra, Ruby Gaviola’s eldest daughter, sent us the photos we are posting here. These were taken last April 5 during the peps’ meeting held at Ruby’s house in Quezon City. Joining them for the first time was Eric Macatangay who is currently vacationing in Manila.

The get-together was part of a series of meetings the peps have been holding to prepare for our class reunion on July 12-13. Another meeting is set this Saturday to discuss more reunion plans and, at the same time, celebrate Ruby’s birthday.

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