Reunion itch

Class reunionMichael Schutzler, president and chief executive officer of the social networking site, was quoted in an interview that fresh high school graduates are not that interested in reunions.

However, that changes with time, according to Schutzler, saying that when people get to their late 30s and 40s, there’s that urge to connect with former classmates.

The above observation is quite accurate if we are going to analyze our recent decision to attend the upcoming grand reunion of LDHS graduates this April 12. After failing to attend previous reunions, here we are suddenly having this itch to reunite with our  fellow alumni and former teachers.

Interesting, ‘no? Pero bakit kaya? Has that to do with growing old. 😦


One thought on “Reunion itch

  1. Mirriam Marcelo-Ambrocio

    Hi! Could you help me reach the members of Batch 1967? I am looking for the classmates and friends of my mother Dalisay “Daisy” Yalong Marcelo. Hope you could help me. Thanks.

    Kind regards,
    Mirriam Marcelo Ambrocio

    The Site Team: Hi Mirriam, so sorry to tell you that we have yet to meet someone from Batch ’67. Anyway, we are publishing your comment and we do hope they get to read it and get in touch with you through this site. Thanks for dropping by and regards to your mom.

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