A birthday tribute to Zeny

The Vigos
The Vigos: Jun, Zarah Jayne, Zeny, and Jonna Zayra
during Zarah’s 18th birthday last January 29

Here’s a nice surprise for our dear Zeny Cervantes who is celebrating her birthday on March 11. Instead of us writing something about her on her special day, we asked Jun Vigo, her husband of almost 20 years now, to do it himself. Nice of Jun to accept this assignment, for who else could give justice to this tribute better than he himself.

Jun hasn’t changed a bit also (except for the name perhaps because we used to call him Resty). Reading his first contribution to the site will give one a glimpse of that same funny guy who gave us so many good laughs during our high school days.

Enjoy this article, and let’s hope the celebrant likes it, too. Happy birthday, Zen.

Tribute (daw!)
Written by Resty “Jun” Vigo

First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me this chance to express my thoughts on an important woman who is celebrating her birthday.

Well, who is Dr. Zenaida Cervantes-Vigo, Ph.D?

We all know how she was during our high school days, so I need not elaborate on that. Our story then was an open book, but became kind of “closed ” when we went on to college and parted ways. It was only in 1988, during our reunion in Batangas, when Zeny and I crossed paths again. And the rest, as they say, is history.

How was she as a friend? Aba, I don’t know! We were never friends in high school, were we? What I remember is that she was an “extremist” then: she could be your best friend and she could be your worst enemy. As a girlfriend, yun, pwede pa ko magkwento. She was selosa (sobra), malambing (o sweet ba tawag dun?). She was a bit demanding, but she was loving (super). She’s the type who is capable of giving everything to the person she loves.

As a mother, she’s the best as far as the welfare of our two kids is concerned. But she’s very strict when it comes to inculcating in them the importance of education and good values. She’s really a great mom, period.

As a wife? What can I say? Need I say more? Hindi pa ba sapat yung tagal ng pagsasama namin? For your information, we’re on our 20th year already. Yes, we’ve had our small fights, many tampuhan and some misunderstanding. But most of the time, sagad sa pagmamahalan. (Corny na ba ako?)

That’s Zeny: simple lang pero astig. She’s the mommy of my intelligent, kind and beautiful children: Zarah Jayne and Joanna Zayra. And she’s the wife of the cool, cute (kahit paano) at matalino rin namang si Jun (ako yun!).

Seriously speaking and with conviction, I can say she’s the best thing that ever happened to me. She’s one of the three reasons why I still exist in this world. Naks, sasabihin ng mga anak ko ang baduy ko na naman.

Zeny has received many awards and honors that made all of us proud. But her most important “award” was the one she received on December 4, 1988, and that was ….. ME. Kahit itanong n’yo pa sa kanya.

Well, hanggang dito na lamang at maraming salamat uli sa pagkakataong ibinigay ninyo akin upang maisulat sa ating site ang mga kayabangan nguni’t may katotohanang pahayag na ito. More power to all of us.

And before I forget, I want to greet my one and only love. Happy birthday, Mommy!!!


6 thoughts on “A birthday tribute to Zeny

  1. Zeny Vigo

    Dearest Lito,

    I’m really, really thankful and happy that you are there to keep us updated on every issue.

    This morning, I was really touched by the tribute that you requested from one of the greatest gifts (aside from our two wonderful daughters and the many blessings) that our Loving Father gave me. I like it a lot and its value is beyond compare. It’s a very special gift that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I never thought that Daddy could be that vocal and expressive about his feelings because, for us, he is a man of few words but full of action! He is so loving, supportive, responsible and what have you for a complete package that could make a marriage as well as a family a REAL SUCCESS!

    So from the bottom of my heart, a million THANKS to YOU and to my WONDERFUL HUSBAND!!!

  2. Lito Parungo

    Hi Zen,

    My pleasure. Actually ikaw ang isang taong mahirap makalimutan ang birthday. Kasi ka-birthday mo ang youngest brother ko who, incidentally, designed our site’s banner. That’s why every time he celebrated his birthday in the past, I would also remember you (and Jun).

    Advance happy birthday again and enjoy your day. Mwah!

  3. Remy Tuazon-Martin

    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEN, and may you have many more birthdays to come. We love you and we are happy to know that you and Resty are very successful in your marriage life. Take care and GOD BLESS YOU and your family.

  4. Zeny Vigo

    Hi Lito!

    Please extend my belated birthday greeting to your youngest brother and also our sincere thanks for his contribution to our site!

    Hope we can always find time to visit our site. It’s really nice being connected!

  5. Zeny Vigo

    Hi Remy!

    Thanks for the advance birthday greeting. Kaya lang am so sorry that I got to read it just this morning. Anyway, you are aware naman of what happened to me. Thanks for the concern, too! You are one of those who kept on texting when I was still in the hospital. Thank God I was able to go home last Saturday after a five-day vacation in the hospital.

  6. Luisito C. Hagos

    Happy birthday, Ma’am Zeny and regards to Mr. Jun Vigo. It’s nice na nagkatuluyan kayo. Good luck to all your undertakings and I wish you both good luck.

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