LDHS grand reunion in April 2008

LDHSAA logoThe Lakan Dula High School Alumni Association (LDHSAA) is organizing a grand reunion this coming April 12 at the Oasis Restaurant along Aurora Blvd. (near Broadway Centrum) in Quezon City.

Adopting the theme “Lakandulans: Go, multiply with honor and pride”, the homecoming will have as guest Cong. Mel C. Lopez.

The LDHSAA is an initiative of Batches 1965 and 1969. Also part of the program will be the induction of its new set of officers.

The event is free of charge for all LDHS alumni and the attire is smart casual.

Contactperson is Angie Arca: 0917-4649545 or 2554496. Click here for more information.


45 thoughts on “LDHS grand reunion in April 2008

  1. Lito Parungo

    Magandang makapunta dito. We might find some people we’ve been looking for. Who wants to do a coverage of the event?

  2. Augustin P. Nacino

    Hi, Lito! Thanks for announcing the upcoming reunion of LDHS graduates (Grand Alumni Homecoming) on April 12, 2008. All graduates of LDHS are invited to attend the homecoming. Batches ’65 and ’69 are just hosting the activity.

    See you there with your batch!

    A.P. Nacino
    Member, LDHSAA Board of Directors

  3. Magfelia Mamaril-Fauni

    Hello, Batch ’78! Thanks for this info. I’d love to attend the LDHS grand reunion in April to see some familiar and not so familiar faces from high school but I can’t. I am based in California and plan to be in Manila to attend our class ’71 reunion in Jan/Feb 2009. Thanks also for posting George Gange’s YouTube rondalla vidoes. I hope to reunite with my LDHS schoolmates from classes ’68, ’69 and ’70 in the near future.

    Best regards,
    Fe, Batch ’71

    The Site Team: Hi Fe, Thanks for visiting our site. Sayang you can’t attend the grand reunion. Anyway, just encourage your former classmates to do so. We’re sure they would also like to link up with people they haven’t seen for quite a while. And good luck to your own batch’s upcoming reunion.

  4. Lody Balagtas-Daley

    Good Luck to LDHS’s upcoming reunion in April.

    Lody Balagtas-Daley
    Batch ’71
    Chicago, Illinois

    The Site Team: Hi, Lody. We’re sure the reunion organizers will get to read your comment. Regards.

  5. Magfelia Mamaril-Fauni

    So glad to see Lourdita Balagtas-Daley’s message. Same batch kami! We have different barkada’s in high school but I remember her quite well. Hope to see her again someday.

  6. Rebecca Alejo Regis

    Thanks to your classmate, Dr. Rorie Quijano Siasoco (daughter of one of our English teachers, Mrs. Quijano), for having referred this website. We’re from Batch ’73, and also looking for classmates from way back. But of course Fe Mamaril’s name does ring a bell. Let me forward this website to our batchmates too for re-connection! Cheers to all!

    The Site Team: Hi Rebecca. Thanks for spreading the news about the existence of our blog. You and the other members of Batch ’73 are all welcome to use the site in finding your missing classmates.

  7. Cristina J. Nadurata

    Hi, Becca (Rebecca Alejo Regis). Thanks for the information. This will be a great opportunity to look for missing classmates and batchmates, too. Wishing the organizers success on the upcoming reunion. I congratulate you on your efforts. Good luck!

  8. Priscilla S. Esguerra

    Hi, Becca, the grand reunion is just a few steps away from my NTA office and St. Mary’s College. So baka mabigla ka bigla ako appear doon. What with our class picture on the latest photo. So sana, Arlene D. Sison and Miss Lydia Sangoyo can locate this site. We want you in our circle. Already located Ms. Urban c/o Malou. Thanks for the effort, Malou and Becky. We’re in big circle now. Anyone join us…… Ang saya, saya…. Ha…Ha…Ha…

  9. Ma. Agnes Mendoza Urban

    Ipagpatuloy ninyo ang inyong napasimulang “pagkaka-isa sa ngalan ng LDHS”! Kahanga-hanga kayong lahat! Salamat, salamat at naririyan kayo! Taimtim na pagbati!

  10. Emilio Reyes

    CONGRATULATIONS to the LAKANDULA HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSN. newly elected set of Officers for 2008. Batch 1969 ako, sayang nga lang at hindi ako makakarating sa darating na April 12 activity. I hope for the success of the gathering.

  11. Fe Mamaril-Fauni

    Can’t wait to read about the recent LDHS Grand Reunion! Will you post some pictures and videos, please?

    Fe, Batch ’71

    The Site Team: Hi, Fe. Don’t worry. We shall be writing about it and post some photos as soon as we hear from the organizers.

  12. Rosalina "Lina" David

    I am glad to know that LDHS Alumni Association exists. I went to Lakan Dula High in Gagalangin from June 1965 to March 1969 and I was supposed to graduate in 1970 but left for US in July 1969. I was a member of the Girl’s Scout at during my time there. I am looking for my classmates and want to reconnect thru email or letters. If anyone out there knows someone who were in my batch, please kindly pass the word. Looking for Imelda Garcia, Myrna Reyes, Teresita Manuel, Ignacio Aquinaldo, Herminigildo Cruz, Cristina Manansala, and others. Hope this LDHS grand reunion was a success. Hope to be part of it in the near future.

    The Site Team: Hi, Lina. Welcome to the site. We do hope your classmates read this message you sent.

  13. Ruby Suiza Blanco

    I am also interested to be reunited with my high school classmates whom I have not seen since graduation. Dolores Ferrer, Rosalinda Fernandez, Mercedes Aguilar, Edith Balagtas, Imelda Garcia, Miriam Guillermo, and the rest of Batch ’69. Please get in touch with me thru rblanco[at]sfsu[dot]edu.

  14. Lor Razon

    I am from batch 1970, Loret Razon to most. I was told about this alumni association two years ago but did not pursue it. I intend to be more active and one of my goals is to pursue and establish a scholarship in honor of Mrs. Elma Pineda Baking even for one student, 4-year course.

    Ruby Suiza Blanco, batch 1970 tayo and two years ago nagkita kami nil Mon Pangindian, Mel Garcia, Alot Joaquin, Benny Gloria, and Nory “Bones” Nicolas. I was told that Nick Luna and Sonny Panlilio usually come home around X’mas to January. I hope to see them late this year till mid-Jan 2009.

    The Site Team: Hi, Lor. Thanks for visiting our site. Your plan to give scholarship to an LDHS graduate in honor of Mrs. Baking is commendable. Ma’am, who was also a former teacher of ours, truly deserves such an honor.

  15. Fe Mamaril-Fauni

    Congratulations to Batch’ 78 IV-1 Peps on your recent 30th anniversary reunion! Great job on this website! I know it’s hard to maintain one so more power to you, guys!

    Hi, Loreto Razon! I remember you were my consort during LDHS’s 7th Foundation Day in 1968.

    Any updates and pictures from the last Grand Reunion?

    Regards to all.

    Fe (Batch ’71)

    The Site Team: Dear Fe! Kumusta ka na diyan? Sorry we can still not post any pictures from the LDHS grand reunion last April. We’ve written the organizers several times but we have yet to get any reply. Anyway, I hope they read your comment.

  16. Lor Razon

    Hello Fe,

    Sayang hindi pa uso ang camcorder during our time. Come to think of it, hindi mo ba nahalata, I was nervous that day? I am trying to recall how we were chosen for that foundation day event. If that was 7th Foundation Day back in 1968, so 2011 will be 50 years?

  17. Fe Mamaril-Fauni

    Hi Loreto,

    Kaya pala wala kang kibo… Hindi ko rin alam kung paano tayo napili dun. I have pictures of the event.

    Wow! 50 years! We (alumni) better plan a grand reunion, don’t you think? Pwede ba Jan-Feb 2011? I have contacts with some of my classmates in the Philippines and abroad and we plan to get-together during that time. It will be fun to meet the other batches.

    Thanks to Batch 1978 for this website! Ours (Class ’71) is under construction but we have been communicating with each other through http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Barangay71/ which our classmate, Diosdado Macapagal, started. To our missing classmates who hopefully find this website and to the other schoolmates who want to get in touch, here’s my e-mail address: pepot26[at]hotmail[dot]com.

    Regards to all.


  18. Lor Razon

    You have pictures??? Can you post it so I can show my wife and kids?

    50th Foundation Day should be the “MOTHER OF ALL ALUMNI REUNIONS”. I think we should start throwing the idea to all Lakandulenos & Lakandulenas.

  19. Ricardo "puck" Javier

    Hi to my kabatch in class 1971!

    Loret, thank you so much for replying. Fe, I still remember you. Lourdes Balagtas, this is your friend na madalas pingutin ng ever glamorous Mrs Balagtas, your mom. I’m now based in South San Francisco, CA. I lived in Chicago from 1979-1992. Guys, please keep in touch.

    Puck of midsummer nights dream play,
    Ric Javier

    The Site Team: Please get in touch with us if you want to get Ricardo “puck” Javier’s email address. We avoid publishing addresses to protect all of us from spammers.

  20. Ricardo Javier

    Opssss! Sorry I goofed. Loret just wrote me it was Editha Balagtas pala ang daughter ni Mrs Balagtas, not Lourdes. Hope to read more from the Barangay, Lakan Dula High.

    Edith and Fe, reply naman kayo. You guys remember Imelda Nunez? Just spoke pala with Mrs Arafiles and I’m planning to drive down to her place in Glendale, Calif., 5 hours away from me in SFO.

    To batch ’78, GREAT JOB what you guys are doing here with this site. Thank you.


    The Site Team: Hi Ric. Thanks also to all of you for visiting us here. Nasa US na pala si Mrs. Arafiles? Please send our warm regards to her when you get to see her. And how would you like to take some pictures and write a short update on her?

  21. Lody Balagtas-Daley

    This is my second time to visit this website for I’m awfully busy with my teaching work. First, I wanna say hi to Magfelia Mamaril- Fauni! Of course I still remember you, we both belong to batch ’71. Yeah, you’re absolutely correct, we had different barkada during our high school years. How are you, Fe? She was also a classmate of mine in 2nd grade, and that was many, many years ago (ouch!).

    Secondly, to Ricardo Javier, I’m not Lourdes. My name is Lourdita and I prefer to be called Lody. Mrs. Balagtas (RIP) was not my mother, she was my aunt. Her daughter Edith is my cousin. Mrs. Balagtas’ husband and my dad were brothers (they’re both gone to eternal life).

    To Batch ’78, thank you for this website. To all students of Lakan Dula, we are the pride of our alma mater. We are all over the world!

    God bless.

    Lody Balagtas-Daley
    Chicago, Illinois

  22. Ricardo Javier

    Hi Lody,

    Sorry for my goof and senior moment. I also just realized I belong to class ’70, not ’71. I used to be in Chicago, 13 years at Mulligan and Montrose, which is a block away from the bordering city of Norridge. Your cousin Editha was one of my friends back then. Hope maalala pa niya ako.


    To The Site Team,

    Yes I will try to drive down southern California, maybe next month to meet up with our popular teacher, Mrs Arafiles. Will take some pix and will share it here in your website. Thank you for responding.

    Ricardo “ric” Javier, 70

  23. Ricardo Javier

    Oh by the way, hi also to class ’69. I was supposed to be with class ’69 but I skipped a year when we moved to Quezon City. I was with the group of Roberto Asia, Amable Policarpio, Danilo Hernandez, Alejandro Co and another guy with the last name “Vigo” from Caloocan. I still remember the Songco sisters from Proj. 6, Arsenia Crome and Sampaguita Abesamis. Hope to hear from them. I will be coming home in May 2009 to participate in our Alpha Phi Omega biennial Medical Dental Humanitarian Mission in Tondo and Aklan.

  24. Lito Parungo

    Thanks for the compliment, Lor. And it’s really nice to find out that we happen to be distant relatives. I’m trying to get in touch with the Vitug side of my family in Pampanga and I will keep you (and your mom) posted. Regards.

  25. Fe Mamaril-Fauni

    Lito and Team,
    Since you guys are doing a great job here, I suggest that this website be the official website for all LDHS alumni!

    The Site Team: Dear Fe (and to Lor and Ric na rin), thanks a lot for all the encouragement. Konting tulak pa at bibigay na kami. Hehe. Seriously now, a website for all LDHS alumni is in the works. We will make an announcement regarding this hopefully soon.

  26. Fe Mamaril-Fauni

    Hi Lody,
    You are right! We were classmates in 2nd grade! Do you have contacts with the other classmates elem/hs)? Please e-mail me so we can talk more… Hoping to meet you again someday.
    Best regards.

  27. Gloria Lopez-Talabucon

    Hello Batch ’77,

    Magparamdam naman kayo. I was with my sister Elena Lopez Tayag on the recent reunion, but no one from batch ’77 was there. Hopefully, this time some one will appear. I came home from a far distance just to see faces……

    Could you help us search the batch of Herminia de Leon?

    Best regards,

    The Site Team: Hi Gloria! One of our classmates, Remy Tuazon, is the sister of Bernadette Tuazon, the class salutatorian of Batch ’77. We’re not sure if Bernadette is still in contact with Herminia de Leon, the class valedictorian, and the other members of your class. We will let you know. Paging Remy, let us help reunite this batch.

  28. Eric Macatangay

    Hello Gloria

    Do you know my brother Robeaspeare Macatangay? He’s also from batch ’77 with Bernadette Tuazon. He came home from China recently and still in the Philippines. He also wants to hear from his batchmates. Email me if you want to contact my brother. I have his mobile and email address too.

  29. Ofelio A. Capuchino

    Udeng (Mrs. Lody Balagtas-Daley),

    By chance, I opened this site. Lo and behold I read your name.
    Can I have your e-mail ad? Can’t wait to hear from you. I hope you would open this site the soonest. Lakandula folk. May contact ka ba kay kumareng Arlene at kumpareng Lito and Arnie?

    I shall be at St. Andrew Abbey in Valyermo, California either this December or January. Itineray includes New Orleans, Texas, New York and Florida. Hopefully I shall be in Rome afterwards. Paano? Can I see you? That is if you are not as busy as a bee. Butterfly na lang kaya?

    Reverendo Domino Ofelio A. Capuchino
    Benedictine Celestine Monk

    The Site Team: Dear Reverend Capuchino, please check your email. We have sent you Lody’s email address. Thanks for visiting our site.

  30. Rosalinda Fernandez-Bugarin

    o my gosh!!!!!!!!i am so excited…i finally found my LDHS friends from long ago! i am based in florida, been here since ’76…graduated BS-Nursing at PLM in ’74, worked in PI at the Philippine Heart Center for less than two years, and off to USA….we’re having a PLM grand reunion Feb 27-Mar 3 2009…please, please, my friends, e-mail me back…ruby suiza…i still remember u from long ago…lor razon, dolores bautista, editha balagtas, miriam guillermo, jerry reyes, myrna ferrer, honorio nicolas, sylvia salvador, thelma victorio, leonila de jesus, to name a few i could vividly remember…my dear friends if u can read this…let this be a start of a newfound friendship rekindled via this wonderful technology we call internet…waiting for someone’s reply soon….rosalie of florida (bugarinrosalie[at]yahoo[dot]com).

    The Site Team: Hi Rosalinda, also visit LDHS Alumni Network, where you can find most of the people you mentioned in your comment.

  31. Teresita Tuazon-Reyes

    i’m from batch 1982. we are attending this april 12 reunion. thanks.

    The Site Team: Hi Teresita. This reunion is over. It was held in 2008. We were trying to email you but the address you provided was not working. Hope you’ll be able to read this. By the way, are you the sister of our classmate Remedios Tuazon?

  32. Teresita Tuazon-Reyes

    yes, she’s my sister.

    The Site Team: Hi Tess, welcome to the site then. Best regards.

  33. Susan Amita-Tansiongco

    Hello guys, I just found this section by accident. Am interested to attend an alumni homecoming in the future. I belong to batch 1972. Please email me if may maliligaw na kaklase. Thanks…

  34. Lito Aberin

    hello batch 78 . . great job! anyone from batch 74? hello guys! you know me and you know who you are. please get in touch. regards and good luck.

    The Site Team: Thanks po. Try to visit LDHS Alumni Network. Marami-rami na rin ang members ng Batch ’74 doon.

  35. Pete Andaya

    Hello to my fellow Lakan Dula alumni. I am (Pete Andaya) from Batch 1968. I am so thrilled to see a website exclusively for LHDS graduates. I hope that somebody from Batch 1968 will read this message.

    Hi Fe! (Mamaril Fauni), Kumusta na!

    Pete (Andaya)

  36. Ma. Elena Gilera

    Hello Lody,
    Remember me? We’re classmates in high school & college ( PNC) that time, now it’s PNU. I’ve been looking for you in the facebook, kumusta na? dito ako sa New Jersey, hope to hear from you soon…

    The Ste Team: Hi Ellen, you might want to visit http://ldhsalumni.ning.com to see your other classmates. Thanks for dropping by.

  37. Jerry E .Roxas

    Hi LDHS Schoolmates,
    I missed this grand reunion in 2008. Just started to have a Facebook account. Excited to communicate with you Lakadulans. I graduated in 1970. I am based here in Chicago IL since 1987. Loret Razon was the student council president then and was my neighbor in Balut , Tondo. Let’s communicate !

    The Site Team: Hi Jerry! Thanks for visiting our blog. Sign up also with the LDHS Alumni Network to meet other graduates.

  38. Alicia Gonzales Ore

    I belong to batch 71. Looking forward to join the next grand reunion. Hello to all LDHS Alumni.

  39. Alicia Gonzales-Ore

    I am looking forward to hear news from my batchmate 71. where are you guys. Ligaya Maniebo,Alicia Padre,Teresita Sto. Tomas,Lydia Ocampo,Mario Anicete,Antonio Tee, Zulueta,Tess Malicsi,Liela Belleza,Tess Gaerlan?, Edith Wambangco, from IV-IV under Ms. Natividad . Paramdam naman kayo. Classmates from III-6, Alfredo Serrano,Angelo Darjuan?Eduardo Eugenio?Rafael Victorio,our Kuya Raffy?Elena Carpio,Cynthia Nocum,Elvira Alcalde the girl with the long hair like me before.Gloria Santarinala? Beth Lazcano, If you happen to read this please email me at or pm me at facebook alicia_ore@yahoo.com(my face book acount. or magmember kau d2 sa LDHS Alumni.Fely Filomeno. pakita naman kau . hahahha.Helllur batch 71 wake up.

    The Site Team: Hi Alicia. You might want to visit the LDHS Alumni Network. Many members of Class 1971 are there.

  40. Alicia Gonzales-Ore

    anybody knows Precila Santia? the smiling girl, and Dina Maatubang the mestisa one?

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