Public HS students dominate DOST tests

A news item in today’s issue of Philippine Star, which shows how competitive graduates of public high schools are:

Senior public high school students ruled this year’s scholarship examination given by the Science Education Institute (SEI) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), despite glaring disadvantages in resources and facilities.

Out of the 2,480 students who passed the SEI qualifying examination, 1,565 came from public high schools followed by private schools (361 students), science and technology-oriented schools (252), state university-based high schools (128), Philippine Science High School (110), and regional science high schools (64), the SEI said in a statement yesterday.

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IV-1 class, Batch ’08

Imagine us 30 years ago with the video we are posting below. These are the members of the IV-1 Class, Batch 2008. They are all graduating next week and are starting to say goodbye to each other via this clip. Our congratulations to you and all your fellow graduates. Study hard in college.

Dado on Mel

Dado Dizon has got hold of Mel Abas’ address in New Jersey. It’s been a week since he sent Mel a letter but the latter has yet to respond. Dado: “Hindi kaya nag-iba na ng identity si Mel? Baka hindi na siya kulot ngayon?”

One suggestion Dado forwarded was for someone (Eric?) to go to Sta. Rita, Pampanga, and visit Mel’s parents there.

Dado promised to keep us posted about his search not only for Mel but also for the other US-based peps.

Instant fame

It’s really amazing how the internet can transform a total unknown into an instant celebrity.

Remember that Ken Lee video we featured recently? That lady, Valentina Hasan, is now a certified cyber superstar, with her YouTube video already registering 2,834,489 hits as of this writing. Incredible.

Below is a clip of Valentina reprising the same song on Bulgaria’s “Music Idol”. We just love her.

Reunion itch

Class reunionMichael Schutzler, president and chief executive officer of the social networking site, was quoted in an interview that fresh high school graduates are not that interested in reunions.

However, that changes with time, according to Schutzler, saying that when people get to their late 30s and 40s, there’s that urge to connect with former classmates.

The above observation is quite accurate if we are going to analyze our recent decision to attend the upcoming grand reunion of LDHS graduates this April 12. After failing to attend previous reunions, here we are suddenly having this itch to reunite with our  fellow alumni and former teachers.

Interesting, ‘no? Pero bakit kaya? Has that to do with growing old. 😦

March 16 meeting

A group of IV-1 peps yesterday held a lunch meeting to finalize the plans for our July reunion. Those who gathered at Keith dela Cruz’s cozy dig in Antipolo were George Hizon, Ruby Gaviola, Gil Buan, Remy Tuazon and Jo Monte de Ramos.

A decision not to elect a set of officers was made so as to make the celebration of our 30th anniversary a real collective effort.

The reunion date is set for July 12-13, 2008. Jo will be inquiring about a resort in Calamba, Laguna, after the Holy Week. An ocular inspection of the place will be done by a team before it is finally approved by April.

In looking for and deciding on the suitability of the venue, it is very important that we know how many persons are attending. May we request you therefore to relay to Remy (via text or email) how many guests you are bringing in tow?

Meanwhile, Gil has finally got in touch with our dear classmate Merle Salvador-Belmi. Merle, the one responsible for clinching the venue for our 1988 reunion in Batangas, was able to talk with the peps during yesterday’s meeting and informed everyone that she and her family are now based in Baguio City. We will write more about Merle soon.

As for the other classmates, we really have to work double time to find them. Eric Macatangay has just confirmed he will be in Manila this week and reiterated his promise to help in this undertaking.

Lastly, those present at the meeting also agreed to attend the LDHS grand reunion this April in Quezon City. Just coordinate with them if you want to go there as a group.

Watch for more announcements and please don’t hesitate to forward your questions and suggestions. All hands on deck, peps!