Dancing Jo

Jocelyn Monte de Ramos

They can run but they can’t hide. Eddie Roberto reported a couple of days ago he had located Jocelyn and Guillermo Monte de Ramos. Well, he was able to finally talk with Jo by phone this morning and got some updates from one of our most elusive classmates.

Do you still remember that Jo was the class’ dancer and choreographer? Any school program then would not be complete without her and the other dancing peps performing all those dance routines she patiently taught.

It will therefore not surprise you if we tell you that Jo has become a professional dancer and dance instructor. She and her group (the Chameleon Dance Theater) are traveling all over the world and impressing international audiences with their terpsichorean skills.

We are posting some of the pictures we grabbed from her Friendster account. We will report on Gil, her brother, in our next post.


4 thoughts on “Dancing Jo

  1. Lito Parungo

    Kung hindi lang sana ako humiwalay kay Jo, professional dancer na rin siguro ako ngayon. 😦 John, ihanda mo na ang sarili mo at may showdown kayo ni Jo sa reunion. JO vs JOHN. Sounds great, di ba?

  2. Eric Macatangay

    This is good news! Dumarami na tayo at pati mga teachers eh nakokontak na rin. Welcome back, Jho. Hope na si Gil eh makauwi noh? I already add you to my Friendster and saw all your pics. God bless and good luck.

  3. Larry Ramos

    Dear Jo,
    It’s nice to see you again kahit sa picture lang. I am vey happy for you. Hope you still remember me. Kindly give my regards to brod Gil.

    Larry (walang Monte De) Ramos

  4. Zeny Vigo

    Dearest Jo,

    Like anyone else, am really very happy that you were able to fulfill your dream of becoming a professional dancer and it’s actually not a surprise because you are destined to be!

    I am proud too that I was one of your trainees in dancing during our elementary and high school days. Further, how can I forget our dance number (to the music of “Can’t Get My Eyes Off You”) during my debut in 1979!

    More power and hope we (the IV-1 peps) can watch one of your shows!!!

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