Ma’am Rodelia reporting

The IV-1 girls’ YDT-CAT teacher, Ms. Rodelia Tangco, recently shared some updates with Rorie Quijano. Ma’am Rodelia is dropping by Rorie’s clinic in Tondo this weekend and we hope to hear more news from them.

Here are Ms. Tangco’s updates, as enumerated by Rorie in her email:

  • Sad news: Miss Samia (our assistant principal) passed away last year.
  • Miss Tangco keeps in touch with Ms. Mardo (the IV-1 boys YDT-CAT teacher). I told her about our reunion and just let them know daw.
  • She will give me the addresses and contact numbers of our teachers.
  • Ms. Cresencia Reyes is in Manuel Luis Quezon High School.
  • Miss Lilia Andres is in Austria.
  • Ms. Salome Tamayo went back to Canada. I could also get her address.
  • Mrs. Eurfrocina V. Capili (our school principal) is still up and about.

Thanks a lot, Ma’am Rodelia!


5 thoughts on “Ma’am Rodelia reporting

  1. Manuel S. Vardeleon

    I am also a graduate of LDHS, batch ’80 (IV-2). May i know the address of Ms. Salome Tamayo in Canada, as i am also here in Edmonton, Alberta? She was my teacher in Pilipino in 2nd year.

    The Site Team: Hi Manuel. We will try to ask Ma’am Rodelia for Ma’am Salome’s address in Canada.

  2. Maribel Yanguas Karl

    Hi ! I am from Batch 77 ( IV – 1 ) . May I know the address of Ms. Rodelia Tangco..Na-Tay will always be in my heart and has been a part of my success. Kami na lang nakakalam non o baka di nya alam yun. :). Salamat po!

    The Site Team: Hi Maribel, we have forwarded your request to our classmate, Rorie Quijano. She’s regularly in touch with Miss Tangco. We do hope she’ll reply soon.

  3. Maribel Yanguas Karl

    Thanks a lot sa bumubuo ng site Team. You reunited graduates our beloved school. Looking back, I am so glad to have that kind of life. Parang ang hirap hagilapin ng mga classmates ko sa IV-1 batch 77. When I was there si Annie Barros-Mojica lang ang very seldom kong nakikita. Pag may prblema lang ako saka sumusulpot and I lost her again for the nth time. Hope to get in touch with her again. Daisy has been in the US for a long time. College pa lang yata kami noon sa PLM noong umalis sya. Yolisa is a long lost sheep. Walang balita from her pero nasa Canada daw. Baka naman may nakakabangga sa inyo dyan, please report. Out of topic na yata ako. Cheers!!!

    The Site Team: Hi Maribel, salamat din. No, you are not off-topic. That’s the right way to find your classmates, by mentioning their names. Don’t worry, we’re sure you’ll find them soon.

  4. Eric Macatangay

    Hi Maribel. Kilala kita. Natandaan mo ba ko? Kapatid ko si Robeaspeare Macatangay (Joffrey), barakada nina Dennis, Pia at claro. Sa Quezon city nakatira si utol? Hope magkaroon kayo ng reunion at ma-link ka kay utol. GOD bless.

  5. Maribel Yanguas Karl

    Hi Eric, Of course kilala ko pa rin kayo. Si Joffrey yung cute na may nunal sa may baba lang ng mata gilid ng nose nya. :-). I am getting addicted to this site kahit sa workplace ko ay connected ako pag walang magawa. I get to read everything kahit paulit-ulit. Nahirapan din akong kilalanin lahat kasi ang laki ng ipinagbago ng physical features. I found this site recently when I was googling a long lost friend, pero wala pa rin sya dito. I hope I get connected to her sometime. Parang matumal ang batch namin. Nasaan na kaya sila. Warm regards!!

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