We got her

Lomantas Family
Ma’am Fe with daughter Michelle and husband Arthur

We’ve finally tracked down Ma’am Fe, our dear class adviser who has been based in Bohol for years.

You have read in our previous posts that we were in contact with a niece of hers, Jo Ann Lomantas, who helped us link up with our long lost teacher. Jo Ann, who is currently in Leyte, had earlier given us a phone number that turned out to be already inactive. What she did next was to get the number of Ma’am’s daughter, who in turn gave us her mom’s correct number. Whew!

Anyway, Remy Tuazon had a phone chat with Ma’am yesterday. In her report, Remy said Ma’am was so happy to hear from us again and expressed her appreciation for our efforts to look for her. She hasn’t forgotten our class. In fact, she started asking about Zeny, Larry, Pearly, Rorie and the rest – as if checking the class attendance.

Ma’am Fe is married to Mr. Arthur Lomantas, the brother of Jo Ann’s father. Their only daughter, Michelle, is a nursing graduate and awaiting the results of the board exams. Ma’am Calope retired in 2002.

We are happy to know that Ma’ am will be attending our get-together in July. For sure it will be one heck of a reunion.

4 thoughts on “We got her

  1. Remy Tuazon-Martin

    Update: Michelle (May Shiela Calope Lomantas) has just passed the most recent nursing board exams, the results of which are now published in newspapers. I just talked to Ma’am Fe and congratulated her and Michelle and asked for a blowout. She said next time na lang daw dahil ang layo natin. Thanks na lang daw and God bless us always.

  2. Wilfredo Gloria

    I’m a 1981 graduate of LDHS and Mrs. Lomantas was also our adviser. Could you please give her telephone number? I know many LDHS graduates who would like to get in touch with her. Congratulations on your website and more power. I hope you reach out not only to your batch but also to all LDHS graduates.

    The Site Team: Hi, Wilfredo, we just called up Ma’am Fe and she said it was OK to give out her number. We have sent it to your email. Thanks for visiting our website. You and your former classmates are most welcome to use our blog if you want to link up with one another. Please do come back.

  3. Maria Luisa Sarmiento-Ruzol

    hello guys,

    just like willy of batch “81, wish i could get in touch with ma’am fe. thanks

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