Updates from Ma’am Yoly

We just received a text message from Mrs. Yolanda Perez, our former journalism teacher.

Ma’am Yoly is actually responding to a letter we sent her last week. We told her about the planned reunion and invited her to attend. She said she shed tears of joy after reading the letter and was so touched and thankful we haven’t forgotten her after all these years.

Here are some of the updates she shared:

  • Ma’am Yoly has been the adviser of Ang Baranggay since 1985. She said LDHS has consistently landed in the Top 5 best student newspapers.
  • The paper’s former adviser, Mrs. Lilia Andres, has been living abroad with her husband. Ma’am Yoly forgot to mention where Ma’am Lilia is now based.
  • Ms. Beth Bustamante, our other journalism teacher, is presently the adviser of the student newspaper of Jose Ma. Nolasco High School in Pritil. She is also married and has a child.

In our letter to Ma’am Yoly, we requested her to help us find more information about the school’s history. We also asked her to encourage the current (and future) staffmembers of both Ang Baranggay  and The Barangay to write for our blog. We shall be keeping in touch with Ma’am Yoly.

With regard to Ma’am Beth, we need a volunteer who would be willing to go to Nolasco High and link up with her. Interviewing her or asking her to write for our site would also be great.

By the way, we already have Ma’am Fe’s address in Bohol and we are still waiting for her contact number, courtesy of her husband’s niece.


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