Ma’am Fe’s been found – almost!

We wrote recently that we sent a message to a Friendster user whose last name was Lomantas, Ma’am Fe’s married name. She finally responded and she does not know a Felicitas Calope-Lomantas, which was the name we mistakenly gave her. The good news is that – hold your breath – she knows someone called Purificacion Calope-Lomantas. Yehey!

This is her reply:

My uncle (the brother of my father) Arthur Lomantas, is married to PURIFICACION CALOPE-LOMANTAS. She might be the same person/teacher you are looking for. Nag-teach siya sa Manila, but I’m not sure if it was in Lakan Dula High School. Ask muna ako.

This lady is based in Balilihan, Bohol and reading her note closely (“Nag-teach siya sa Manila…”), we can assume that our beloved class adviser has indeed returned to her home province.

We have replied to this email and asked for Ma’am Fe’s contact number. We’ll keep you posted.


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