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IV1 Batch 85

These are the members of the IV-1 Class, Batch 1985, which had its class reunion on August 11 last year. We downloaded this picture from their site, one of the few online communities being maintained by LDHS graduates.

We are featuring this site, and the the rest on the list below, in response to a number of inquiries we have been receiving from fellow alumni, asking us if we happen to know sites that cater to their respective batches.

It’s a pity that there is no single site yet for all LDHS graduates. That is not difficult to understand considering the personnel, technical and financial requirements such a site entails.

And sad to say, even the number of existing sites run by former LDHS students is minuscule, and most of these are already inactive or not being regularly updated, like the blog of the IV-1 Class, Batch 2005. It contains interesting articles about their graduation, but the last time it was updated was on March 29, 2005.  (Update: this class has opened a Friendster account.) More current is a blog by an LDHS student, which contains news on various school activities.

There is also one who put up a Friendster account and named it as Lakan Dula High School. This community is focused on tracking down graduates of Batch 2002-2003. We did not count its total members but we have the impression that quite a number have already linked up with it. A IV-5 group (but no year indicated) can also be found on this site.

Another community that is still active is Batch 1967-1971. They are maintaining a Yahoo group, which is the most popular method among LDHS grads to touch base with former classmates. Here’s a rundown of the other Yahoo communities we found:

Lastly, Batch 1981 has set up its own blog but we have yet to read their first post.

Below is a list of more sites maintained by LDHS alumni:

Do you know of any other similar sites that can be featured here? Send us the links, please.


One thought on “LDHS sites

  1. Good am, Pareng Lito. Nag-join ka ba sa mga groups nila? Kasi parang wala akong nakitang group na ka-batch natin. Para at least makita nila kung paano tayo nabubuo thru our sites (blog, YouTube channel, etc.) And besides, baka may mga kamag-anak sila sa ating hinahanap na mga classmates.

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