¿Donde está señora Salmorin?

A list of our former teachers was one of the first articles we posted here and we just found out we had inadvertently overlooked Mrs. Florencia Salmorin, our Spanish teacher. Had she seen that list without her name, she would have exclaimed, “¡Que horror! ¿Cómo podría usted olvidarse de mí?”

Yeah, how dare we forget her when Spanish was one of the most enjoyable subjects we had in high school? We used to hold these classes at the library where, incidentally, the school genius, Ernesto dela Cruz, also spent his reading moments and meddled with class discussions if he thought a teacher was wrong.

When you think of Mrs. Salmorin, the first thing that comes to mind was her patrician demeanor that made her a standout then.

Let’s include her in our search for our missing teachers.


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