Online karaoke

Online videokeDo you have a fast internet connection? If so, maximize it by enjoying some of the most exciting sites the web has to offer – for free. This time, we would like to introduce to you an online karaoke site called The Sims Onstage.

Those of us who have suddenly become passionate about singing – Didi (you should hear him sing, ang galing), Eric, Keith, and many others – will surely enjoy this one. If you can maintain an account with Friendster or any other social networking site, learning how to use Sims Onstage is definitely a walk in the park.

As with Friendster, you also have to register to avail of the site offerings, the most popular of which is the karaoke section. What is great about this service is that you can record and save all your songs on the site and listen to these to your heart’s content. With a webcam, you can even have a video clip of your performance. (To have a better audio, it is recommended that you use a USB-microphone.)

As part of the community, all registered users can rate or post a comment on each others’ performances. But if you are not ready yet to perform for strangers, you can choose to have your recordings private and just invite a select few to watch your “concert”.

Use this site to hone your singing skills for our upcoming reunion. Prizes await those who will be adjudged “Videoke King & Queen”.

Here’s the link to The Sims Onstage.


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