Si Ma’am Fe uli

This is to remind all of you that we haven’t given up our search for Ma’am Fe. We did try Friendster recently and there’s this entry on a certain Ma. Fe Lomantas, 30 years old, from Bohol. But we doubt if this is our Ms. Calope. Is she a Maria?

There are two other Lomantas accounts on Friendster, both Boholanos, and we have wrtitten one of them to inquire about our missing class adviser. Hope we get a response from her.

Meantime, let’s join forces to look for Ma’am. Tips are most welcome.


One thought on “Si Ma’am Fe uli

  1. Remy Tuazon-Martin

    Ma’am’s maiden name is Purificacion R. Calope. Her last known address is 776 Bulacan Ext., Tondo, Manila.

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