Ang Baranggay

We recently featured the staff of The Barangay, our English student newspaper. This time, we are giving you the complete staff of Ang Baranggay, its Pilipino counterpart. The photocopy of the staffbox came from Remy Tuazon, who is proving to be one of the most dependable keepers of our class memorabilia.

Ang Baranggay staffbox

The staffmembers:

  • Punong Patnugot: Carlito G. Parungo
  • Pangalawang Patnugot: Rebecca S. Pabustan (IV-2)
  • Tagapangasiwang Patnugot: Salvador N. Ignacio
  • Patnugot sa Panitikan: Jaime B. Borja. Manunulat: Remedios M. Tuazon, Mel S. Abas, Rizaldy F. Espiritu
  • Patnugot sa Lathalain: Ariel S. Dimacali. Manunulat: Perlita C. Jaramilla, Ruby Rosa G. Gaviola, Evangeline B. Capulong (IV-2)
  • Patnugot sa Balita: Victoriano P. Aguila (IV-2). Manunulat: Bernardita R. Gonzales (IV-2), Rebecca M. Pati (IV-2), Renee V. dela Peña, Ronnie C. Gorgonio
  • Patnugot sa Palakasan: Lauro E. Ramos. Manunulat: Restituto S. Vigo, John Marte H. Marcella
  • Reporters: Evelyn T. Bongalon, Marilu C. Ortiz
  • Tagaguhit: Mario V. Mercado, Noelito D. Roque
  • Tagapayo: Bb. Lilia B. Andres

Ang Baranggay won first place in the 1978 “Gawad Batingaw”, a national award for excellence in development reporting given to campus newspapers and other publications. Lito, Larry, Ma’am Lilia and our school principal, Mrs. Eufrocina V. Capili, attended the awarding ceremony held at the National Press Club.


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