A nostalgic rumination

Written by Larry Ramos

PritilJust being nostalgic … Before Jollibee and McDonalds, Magnolia Ice Cream House was the coolest place for teenagers in the mid-’70s. And, of course, Luneta. Tolits is right – who can forget that skating rink where our barkada used to go to even if we didn’t know how to skate. And, s’yempre, the YMCA pool where we used to go on swimming ‘pag may pera.

The sad part is that some of these landmarks of our youth have been – and are being – completely taken out of Manila’s landscape. And that’s the same thing that befell our community in Pritil, the place where I was born, grew up, and spent the first 20 (memorable) years of my life.

While visiting our site, I suddenly recalled that incident sometime in the ’80s when I herded all my kids for a tour of Pritil and related my adventures (and misadventures) there as a young boy. Our old house facing the market, just like the many other houses there, had been demolished so it was really difficult to explain to my children how the place looked like before. My eldest daughter’s succinct remark was: “Dad, wala ka na palang babalikan dito”. Painful as it was, she was perfectly right.

My college school is also on the verge of facing “extinction”. Mapua Institute of Technology might soon become Malayan University. I just hope this would not happen to my high school alma mater. Thankfully, this site somehow helps me hold on to that hope and to all the happy memories I spent in LDHS – and in Tondo, for that matter.

[Photo credit: Pedicab in Pritil, from the site The many faces of Tondo.]


2 thoughts on “A nostalgic rumination

  1. Reny dela Peña

    Hi Larry,

    Ang galing-galing naman ng iyong makabagbag-damdaming pahayag patungkol sa Tondo. Naku, you made me feel proud of it! Di ko ipagpapalit ang Tondo sa alinmang magagarang villa, subdivision, condominium o village pa diyan dahil nandito na lahat at wala ka nang hahanapin pang iba. Very accessible pa sa lahat.

    Reny “Chie”

  2. Larry Ramos

    Thanks, Chie, medyo naapektuhan lang din ako writing about Tondo. God, I really miss that place, my friends, relatives, even my enemies (away-bata lang) and s’yempre, yung mga minahal ko. Minsan talaga kung sino pa ang mahal mo siya pa ang nawawala sa iyo? Well, facts of life . . .

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