Notes from Nitz

We just received the following update from our dear Nenita Mercado. This is for the benefit of those who were not able to attend our January 5 meeting and missed Nitz’s many kwentos about her and her family. She may be talking here of the many changes in her life but for us she remains the same old Nitz: so sweet and still oh so kalog.

Rest assured, Nitz, that we are equally proud to have you as classmate – and friend.

Nitz and kidsHi peps! It’s been 30 years kaya s’yempre marami nang nagbago. After graduating from PLM I was hired by Aboitiz Shipping Company, where I worked for 21 years (1983-2004). It became William Gothong and Aboitiz after the merger. I opted for the company’s early retirement program in 2004 to become a full-time mom.

I got married in 1992 to Jaime Joson, who is fondly called Jimmy by his friends and family. He used to work for a brokerage company but decided in 2004 to run his own, eventually going into trucking as additional core business.

We had our first baby, Ma. Patricia, in 1997. She is 10 now and a Grade 4 student at St.Theresa’s College in Quezon City. Patricia had always wanted a baby brother so when I got pregnant again in 2002, she was already sure it would be a boy! And she was right. Our Victor Jaime is now 4 years old and is in nursery level at St. John Child Center.

I do direct selling right now and sell Prudential Llife’s pre-need products once in a while. I personally bring and pick up my Victor Jaime from school and attend to all the needs of the family.

Come summer vacation medyo di siguro ako busy kaya baka mauna na ko magtinda ng gulay para maging fit. Hahaha! Thanks, John and Lito, for the bright idea. Maybe mag-scout na ko ng prices ng gulay sa Balintawak.

Sorry if this update is too short. Madalian. Susundo na uli ang yaya. Lito, do you also offer tutorials in programming with a price same as John’s for his aerobics classes? Haha!

See you all soon!


2 thoughts on “Notes from Nitz

  1. Rebecca Pabustan-Adraneda

    HI Nitz, nag-stay ka pala sa Aboitiz? Doon pa ba si WAA and his minicar? Hahaha. Less than one year na nagkasama kami ni Nitz sa Aboitiz, bago ako nag-board exam. So late kang nag-asawa? Akala ko si Nandy ang nakatuluyan mo. Well, sorry na lang siya.

  2. Zeny Vigo

    Hi Nitz! We didn’t have much time to talk last January 5 but I was nonetheless updated by your “Notes”. So you are a full-time mom na pala and I am sure you enjoy it naman. Hope we can all attend our reunion this coming July 12-13, 2008.

    Regards to your dear husband and kids!

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