Online conference

Yahoo chatroomOver the past few days the peps have been savoring the joys and wonders of online chatting.

Last Sunday, for instance, Ruby, Lito, Eric and Eddie (with John intermittently joining in) were huddled in one chatroom for their first online chikahan. Although they talked about lots of things both mundane and trivial, they also came up with bright ideas with regard to our forthcoming reunion. A summary of suggestions made during this chat session has been emailed to all of you.

On Tuesday, it was Lito, Reny and Dado who had a virtual “threesome”. They also discussed the plans for the reunion and how to find the other still-missing classmates. Reny talked about her nice vacation in the Philippines and reiterated how happy she was seeing all the peps again. She also confided she is still looking for her knight in shining armor after dumping her unfaithful boyfriend. Ihanap daw natin siya, mga kapatid.

Dado, meanwhile, said he will try his very best to join us in July and promised to look for Yoly and Mario (Ruby, yung phone number daw ni Mar, pakibigay!).

Dado (and Eric?) are online on weekdays from 10 p.m. (Manila time), while Lito and Reny are usually available on weekends. We are inviting everyone to join.


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