Welcome back, Ronnie

Ronnie Gorgonio

Gil, Ronnie, Didi, Zeny, Remy and Ruby

Our search for the peps took an emotional twist last week when we found out that our long-lost classmate Ronnie Gorgonio was confined at the Philippine General Hospital in Manila.

Last Friday’s was really one heartrending – but also heartwarming – moment when Ronnie was finally reunited with a delegation of peps that visited and saw him for the first time after 30 years.

We wrote earlier that Ronnie belonged to the so-called Silent Minority, or those who completely lost contact with the group after our graduation. His name has been struck off that list.

To Ronnie, welcome back. Isang mahigpit na yakap mula sa iyong mga nagmamahal na kamag-aral. Get well soon. All of us are expecting you to attend our forthcoming grand reunion.


3 thoughts on “Welcome back, Ronnie

  1. Reny dela Peña

    Hi Ronnie,

    Welcome back and I’m so happy that you are getting better. Hoping you will be there at the grand reunion and hoping for your full recovery. Get well soon, my beloved friend. Take care and just pray hard and for sure you will be healed.

    With prayers,

    Reny “Chie”

  2. Malu Ortiz

    My dear Ronnie,
    Mwah!!! I can’t express how happy I am to see you in this picture.You are one person who made my life memorable during our high school days. Remember third year with Mel, Rizaldy, Eva and Ruby? I know you will be okay. Power of spoken word.
    I believe in God and power of prayer. Deep in my heart and all the people who love you- YOU ARE ALREADY HEALED.

    We love you and welcome back!


  3. June Lapira

    Ronnie bro,

    Welcome back!!! Thanks be to God yo’ure still with the peps. Under medication ka pa pala? Salamat at nakita ka namin muli Ronnie. Tulad ng nasabi nila, We miss you so much!

    Nawa’y tuluyan na ang iyong paggaling at we Hope to see you soon, bro.

    Regards ,


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