Gaviola-Guevarra family

Gaviola-Guevarra family

We are featuring Ruby Rosa Gaviola’s family. As we have told you already, Ruby is married to Noel Guevarra. Their union has produced three beautiful kids: Maria Karmina, 18 years old and a second year college student at the De La Salle University; Nikki Rose, 14, a second year high school student at the School of the Holy Spirit; and John Keeno, 7 years old and a Grade 7 student at the Claret School.

Ruby Rosa Gaviola

The family is based in Quezon City, where Ruby is still working for the city government.

Our pangungumusta also goes to Noel who used to join the IV-1 peps in a number of activities, one of which was when he drove us (Ruby, Mario, Zeny, Lito and Eric) to Lubao, Pampanga, to attend Mel Abas’ wedding. We then proceeded to Lito’s hometown, San Pablo First, para mamitas ng santol.

We have more photos of the family here..

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