Eric in Jeddah

Eric at work

Finally, nagparamdam na ang Eric. Seeing our site must have overwhelmed him that he inundated our mailbox. 🙂 Really making up for lost time.

Eric would like to greet everyone belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and is very thankful for the birthday greetings we posted for him.

Eric has been working at the Jeddah Airport for almost two years now. He plans to be home March or April this year for a short vacation and he promised to help us track down our “missing” classmates while in the Philippines. That’s the spirit!

Eric Macatangay in Jeddah

If you want to have constant communication with Eric, go to his YouTube channel where you can watch all his latest activities. You may also click here to view more photos of him.


One thought on “Eric in Jeddah

  1. Ok ah, ang bilis ala me masabi. till now nakaonline ako. di me makatapos sa haba ng mga message at ibang links dito. Wait yung gawa kong video for us. kinompile ko angono and the rest, ginagawa ko pa. maya idownload ko sa youtube. I remember theme song natin, THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR in Matabungkay, our first reunion.

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