¿Donde está señora Salmorin?

A list of our former teachers was one of the first articles we posted here and we just found out we had inadvertently overlooked Mrs. Florencia Salmorin, our Spanish teacher. Had she seen that list without her name, she would have exclaimed, “¡Que horror! ¿Cómo podría usted olvidarse de mí?”

Yeah, how dare we forget her when Spanish was one of the most enjoyable subjects we had in high school? We used to hold these classes at the library where, incidentally, the school genius, Ernesto dela Cruz, also spent his reading moments and meddled with class discussions if he thought a teacher was wrong.

When you think of Mrs. Salmorin, the first thing that comes to mind was her patrician demeanor that made her a standout then.

Let’s include her in our search for our missing teachers.


Voltes V

Remember “Voltes V”? Many of us were hooked on this Japanese TV series, a certified smash hit in the country in the ’70s.

A backgrounder from Wikipedia:

This anime television series was first aired on TV Asahi starting April 6, 1977. It was created by Tadao Nagahama as the second part of his “Robot Romance Trilogy” of the “Super Robot” genre. Conceived as a second part/remake of its predecessor “Combattler V”, it was released in Italy, Spain, and the Philippines, dubbed in their respective languages except initially in the Philippines, where the first airing, in 1978, was dubbed in English.

Here’s a video to refresh your memory (can you still sing along?):

Online karaoke

Online videokeDo you have a fast internet connection? If so, maximize it by enjoying some of the most exciting sites the web has to offer – for free. This time, we would like to introduce to you an online karaoke site called The Sims Onstage.

Those of us who have suddenly become passionate about singing – Didi (you should hear him sing, ang galing), Eric, Keith, and many others – will surely enjoy this one. If you can maintain an account with Friendster or any other social networking site, learning how to use Sims Onstage is definitely a walk in the park.

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Elementary schools

Rizal  Elementary School
Jose Rizal Elementary School on Tayuman, Tondo, Manila

We just thought of updating the post Other alma maters to include the primary schools we attended. Strange how we forgot to initially include them on the list. Could it be that we were too young to remember our elementary days? Share if you have stories (or photos) of that period, noong mga totoy at nene pa tayo.

And please submit the name of your school to finally complete the list.

Cellphone vs. bible

bibleAng IV-1 peps ay binubuo ng 45 nilalang. Kaya napapansin n’yo siguro iba-iba rin ang tema ng ating mga artikulo. Sari-sari, halu-halo, labu-labo. Ang saya-saya. Tulad nitong susunod naming post na padala ni Eric Macatangay na gusto niyang ibahagi sa mga kamag-aral. Gusto lang daw magpaalala sa mga nakakalimot “tumawag” …

Ang cellphone laging hawak, ipinapakita,
Ang bible laging nakatago at ayaw ipakita.

Ang cellphone binibili kahit libo-libong halaga,
Ang bible ayaw bilhin, kahit isang daan ang halaga.

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Happy birthday, Pearly

Perly Jaramilla

It’s Pearly Jaramilla’s birthday on January 30 and we do hope she’d be able to read this message.

Unfortunately, we still can’t say much about this classmate of ours. We have been trying to get in touch with her via her Friendster account but she has yet to respond.

Anyway, enjoy your day, Pearly, and we will be waiting for your reply – even if it takes forever (sabi nga ni Janice de Belen).

Usapang lasing

The Site Team Dado, Lito, Keith, Larry, George, Eric and Didi celebrating Keith’s birthday in May 2005 at Pier One, The Fort. Click here to see more photos.

Ang pag-inom ay para ring isang rite of passage na dinaanan ng mga IV-1 boys pagkagradweyt sa high school.  Bagamat madalas sumama ang ilang IV-1 girls sa mga inumang ito, iyon ay para lang makihalo sa masayang kwentuhan at makiagaw sa masarap na pulutan.

Hindi namin nirerekomenda ang pag-inom. Nagkataon lang na naganap ang maraming masasayang sandali ng mga peps sa kanilang mga drinking sessions noon. At ang mga happy moments na iyon (saka na siguro ang madadramang sandali) ang babalikan namin sa artikulong ito. Tinitipon namin ang mga kwentong ito para maibahagi na rin sa mga IV-1 girls ang “kalokohan” ng kanilang mga kaklase. Dadagdagan ang mga kwentong ito kapag may naalala pa.

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