Charice! O Charice!

It’s Christmas day and we have a nice treat for all of you. Here’s Charice Pempengco’s performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show aired last December 19. Watching this young lady perform will really make you proud to be Pinoy. What a gem, indeed!

And she even got to render a second song:

Below are some of the comments posted by visitors of the show’s website on Charice’s performance:

“Ellen, Thank you for bringing this wonderful young lady into our homes and lives, I can’t wait to see her career take off. She will go far with that voice, she is blessed in so many ways and to know that you had a hand in giving her this opportunity has to feel pretty good.” – Diane Turner

“I thought Clarice was incredible and I am so excited for her and the endless possiblities she has going for her. It actually reminded me of watching Barbra Streisand when she was starting out. I actually had chills watching this faboulous performance. Ellen, you are so wonderful for helping talented kids get a chance to show their talent. I love you and your show.” – Margie Silver

“What a great performance. She has a voice of a professional singer or shall i say better than some professional singers. I really do hope and pray that she gets her break.God bless you and may you have all the success that life can bring to you. YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY!!! GOOD LUCK!!! YOU DON’T NEED IT BECAUSE YOU ALREADY GOT IT!” – Carmela Simmons

“Ellen what an amazing singer Charice is. I had goose bumps and put tears to my eyes. She really deserved the standing O’S.” – Ruthanne Goodwin

“Oh my God!!!!!! i was stunned, I’m speechless with this kid, she is one of the best singers I’ve ever ever heard, i can’t believe it that she can sing like that.. i mean who ever knows that this girl could sing a very high pitch song with a unbelievable sining signature, it was one of the most watchable talent i guess, one of the best I’ve ever seen seriously, this kid can do great in the music scene.. and I’m telling you she can do better in the future.. ” – Knighty

The following videos are actually part of the You Tube clips that made Charice a kind of a “cyber-sensation”. She is shown here appearing on South Korean TV show “Star King” that made her an instant celebrity in that nation and, eventually, all over the world.


One thought on “Charice! O Charice!

  1. Prince Maron

    i wish na sana makapagguest din ako dyan sa show ni ellen,….
    15 yrs,.. old din ako,….taga nagcarlan, laguna,…idol ko talaga c charice,….lagi ko na yan napapanuod sa t.v,…….

    kung interesado kayo sa ‘kin eh kontakin nyo ko sa YM ko prince_somotia027 ,……intay ko pow,……

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