The Link

The Link

Eureka! We’ve found the missing link!

No, it has nothing to do with the story of evolution. It’s The Link (sorry for the poor quality of the image above), the mimeographed newsletter we wrote about in the article Young journalists.

We want you to have a good laugh that’s why we are reprinting in toto a couple of articles it published. At the same time, we hope you’ll draw a lesson or two in how to effectively mangle, maim, and mutilate the English language.

Seriously now, this article is to give recognition to the people behind this initiative. These peps, together with a few more, really went to great lengths to ensure that we keep our “friends intact forever”. But roasting them every now and then is definitely far from verboten.

This was the newsletter’s introductory article:


A group of seven young men met at one of their favorite hang-out. They gathered there to discuss their problems on how they are going to make their friends intact forever. They thought of holding a reunion but that is good for once a year only. What they are looking for is something that will become their constant link that will enable their friends and themselves to have contact even if they are not seeing each other. Deliberations- giving advantages and disadvantages, shouting to each other, “patarayan at paistaran” and other “kabaklaan” and at last they found it … the missing LINK. The LINK that will serve as their means of communication, a means for us to post our lakaran, announcement, invitation & etc. After several days of hardships wherein that seven young men disregarded for a while their studies and exams just to finish this and here at last…. THE LINK.


(Canned laughter.)

The next article was the headline story, ostensibly an attempt to make a scientific analysis of the peps’ choices of college courses.


Most of the IV-1 people wants to become engineers, since engineering courses are their number one choice. Statistics as of this semester shows that a total of 16 students out of 46 or 35% of IV-1 studes are taking engineering courses and related subjects. Of the 35%, most of them are sweating it out in the field of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering.

On the other hand 12 businesswise IV-1 peps are now enrolled in a course with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or a total of 26% out of 46, while the course with a Bachelor of Arts degree took the third spot with a total of six students or 13% are taking that up.

The remaining students are enrolled in the following degrees: 7% are in the field of Medicine and Sciences; 4% in Education and; 4% vocational courses.

Meanwhile 7% or a total of three IV-1 peps are now full time workers and the remaining 4% is unconfirmed whether they are studying, working or not.

(Canned laughter again, but louder this time.)

Staffbox The LinkIn the introductory article, it was mentioned that only seven peps were involved in the actual planning. But the staffbox shows that this number had grown to 11 with the participation of the other peps.

Please take a bow, staffmembers: Mel S. Abas, Jaime B. Borja, Catalino P. dela Cruz, Ariel S. Dimacali, Diosdado C. Dizon, Rizaldy F. Espiritu, Roderick C. Macatangay, Carlito G. Parungo, Lauro E. Ramos, Eduardo P. Roberto and Restituto Vigo.

(Applause! Applause!)

Most important lesson these peps have learned from this endeavor: don’t drink and write.


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