Video section

We now have a video section!

You should have noticed that we have been posting videos on the site as a way of capturing the sights and sounds of the ’70s (as well as the ’80s, our college years). So we decided to make it a regular section by adding yet another widget that contains videos we deem are worth sharing.

The first video is about the early diaspora of Filipinos to the United States and how the younger generations are learning from the travails and struggles of their predecessors. The clip also features Fil-am artist (aka Allan Pineda Lindo) of the Blackeyed Peas, seen here doing a music video of “Bebot”. Allan is a native of Pampanga who went to America when he was barely a teenager. We are dedicating this video especially to all the peps who are now living in the US.

We also posted footage of the boxing bout between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, known as “Thrilla in Manila”, which was held at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City on October 1, 1975. This encounter of the two great legends is still touted as one of the greatest boxing matches ever fought.

As light features, we have a clip from the movie “Saturday Night Fever”, a movie watched by a group of peps at the Galaxy Theater on Avenida; songs by Hajji Alejandro who was known as the “kilabot ng kolehiyala” and by Led Zeppelin; and a video of the fiesta celebrations in Tondo in January this year.

If you come across an interesting video yourselves, just send us its link and we will definitely include it in our collection. You can find the video section on the blog’s right sidebar. Hope you like it.


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