Love according to the peps

LoveAs promised, here’s a compilation of the peps’ definitions of love. These are the thoughts of 16-year-olds trying to describe that wonderful and – judging from the way they put it – inexplicable feeling they were experiencing for the first time.

By the way, ever wondered why no one was using classic Pilipino quotes on love? For example, this one by Francisco Balagtas: “Ang pag-ibig ‘pag pumasok sa puso ninuman, hahamakin ang lahat masunod ka lamang.” But that’s another story. Enjoy our own quotable quotes first …


– sacrifice and a strong affection for someone you love. (Remy)

– the way to heaven and to hell. (Reny)

– something one must sacrifice in life. (Buddy)

– means “I Love You”. (Ariel)

– a mixture of all the great feeling. (Zeny)

– a feeling nobody can’t resist. (Rorie)

– an isle of romance surrounded by expenses. (Larry)

– really all that matters. (Gil)

– a feeling that can’t express. (Resty)

– one step forward to marriage that increases population. (Pearly)

– is the feeling of ah! ewan. (Evelyn)

– for partnership. (Eric)

– a fatuous passion. (Ana Marie)

And according to our other schoolmates, love is ….

– the saddest thing when it goes away. (Rebecca)

– full of mystery. (Caridad)

– for all people. (Joselito)

– everything that can even break your heart. (Carina)

– happiness of the person who is in love. (Arnel)

– the key we must turn. (Dolly)

– means one, two, many. (Victoriano)

– sacrifice and for the two of us. (Cynthia)

(Source: Remy Tuazon’s slambook. Photo credit: Flickr.)


One thought on “Love according to the peps

  1. Rebecca Pabustan-Adraneda

    Saludo ako sa yo, Remy, at naitago mo slumbook mo for 30 years. Nakakatuwang basahin website n’yo. I always look forward to read new or lumang kwento. Regards to all.

    Rebecca (IV-2)

    The Site Team: Hi, Rebecca! Nice to hear from you. ‘Musta ka na? Magkwento ka naman about you and the rest of the IV-2 class. Nasaan na kayong lahat? Sali kayo sa aming pagbabaliktanaw.

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