The Barangay staff

Staffbox of The BarangayIt’s really nice to have Eddie around, he being one of those who really cherish the peps. Isa talaga sa matibay na haligi ng grupo. We just received from him some class memorabilia that he’s been keeping all these years.

Challenge: can you name the whole staff of The Barangay? Eddie sent us a copy of its staffbox and here are the people who ran our official student newspaper in English:

  • Editor-in-Chief: Ma. Rosarita T. Quijano
  • Associate Editor: Red George G. Hizon
  • Managing Editor: Laarni E. Canicula
  • News Editor: Dalisay C. Lizada
  • Community News Editor: Yolanda P. Mañalac
  • Features Editor: Zenaida C. Cervantes
  • Literary Editor: Ana Marie Joaquin
  • Sports Editor: Nenita T. Mercado
  • Business Manager: Eduardo P. Roberto
  • Finance Officer: Merle E. Salvador
  • Reporters: Minerva M. Villafria, Catalino P. dela Cruz, Editha E. Ocampo, Nelia C. Alegre, Sonnie C. Jarabe, Joselito M. de Vera
  • Staff Artists: Roderick C. Macatangay, Orlando B. Castro, Rogelio V. del Prado
  • Staff Typist: Armando S. Ching
  • Adviser: Mrs. Elma Pineda-Baking

the barangay staff

Among the staffmembers, the following were non-IV-1 peps: Dalisay, Editha, Nelia, Sonnie, Orlando and Joselito. All of them were from IV-2, except for Nelia who was from IV-5.

Also listed in the staffbox were our school principal, Dr. Eufrocina V. Capili and our two assistant principals, Miss Natividad A. Samia and Miss Gilda I. Martinez. Two representatives from the Manila Division of City Schools were also included: Mrs. Clehenia C. San Juan, chief supervisor, journalism and Mrs. Anita Q. Antonio, supervisor, journalism.

The editorial staff was constituted on the basis of the results of the written and interview tests given by an evaluation board. Composing this board were Mrs. Baking, Mrs. Sabina Arafiles and Miss Virginia Jaen (our social studies teacher in our junior year). The interview test was conducted by Miss Samia.

Now, who can provide us with the staffbox of Ang Baranggay , our student publication in Pilipino?

(Update: Click here to see the staffbox of our official student  newspaper in Filipino.)


4 thoughts on “The Barangay staff

  1. Hi,
    Congrats to the LDHS IV-1 class of ’78 and The Barangay staff and to all those responsible for having this site, allowing us old fogies help reminisce and reflect on our innocent not too distant past.
    A Blessed New Year and Happy 30th Anniversary to all members, mentors and advisers of your superb Class of ’78!
    Keep the faith and the flame alive!

    George (LDHS Batch ’68 )

    Could someone share with us this year’s graduation date at our beloved LDHS?

  2. the Site Team

    Dear Sir George,

    Thanks for your heartwarming comment. It is indeed an honor to hear from a distinguished LDHS grad like you.

    Re your question about this year’s graduation, usually it’s being held in March but we have no idea about the exact date. We will just ask some people and we’ll let you know. Sige po and regards to all our kababayans there in the US and, who knows, other schoolmates who are also based there. Keep on visiting our site.

    And maybe you would also want to contribute your own recollections of our beloved school? And old pics of the school, perhaps?

  3. Darius S. Tenerife

    Congrats to your batch – you were able to further cement your batch relationship. How I wish the 1990 batch could also do the same. My condolences as well to the family of Ms. Lolita Santos. She was also our able teacher in Pilipino and I can never forget her teaching prowess. Btw, any news re: Ms. Jaen (social studies teacher), Ms. Suzara (math teacher), Mrs. Wilhelmina Lopez (world history teacher) and Mrs. Batusan (chemistry teacher)?

    I hope one day we can honor these good teachers of ours who shaped our future and molded/prepared us to succeed in life.

    Regards to all.

    Darius S. Tenerife
    Batch 1990

  4. the Site Team

    Hi Darius,

    Thanks for dropping by. Just like you, we are also looking for our former teachers. Just keep on visiting the site because we immediately post all updates we receive. Good luck to your batch, too. Why don’t you initiate the setting up of your site? It’s really fun having one.

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