Theme songs

Do you still remember your theme song? It could be a song that best described your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend then or your secret love or crush. Or it could also be about your unrequited love, LQs, temporary breakup, etc.

We have started uploading songs on our online MP3 jukebox, which we think will surely bring back memories of that time when Cupid was shooting his arrows of love left and right and hitting all of us.

You can click here to listen to these great love songs. Submit more titles and we will try our best to find and upload them.


3 thoughts on “Theme songs

  1. Emily T.

    I just listened to these songs and they really brought back lots of memories. It was such an emotional rollercoaster remembering so many firsts in your life: first love, first kiss, first lovers’ quarrel, first heartbreak, etc. While listening, it also made me wonder kumusta na kaya ang mga taong naging bahagi ng buhay ko and how life would have turned out differently kung sila ang nakatuluyan ko. Funny thoughts!

    Thanks for the effort in posting this nice playlist. I am still listening at the office. Dagdagan n’yo pa, please.

  2. JayR Cleofas

    This is great, I grew up in the 70’s and this is my kind of music. Enjoyable, fun and it brings back lots of memories. I spend more time with my PC now more than ever. On my free time, I turn it on full blasts and let it play. Great job, guys.

  3. Lito Aberin

    grabe, guys!! this is a time-turner. thnx and many thnx. regards and god bless.

    The Site Team: Thanks also, Lito, for dropping by. Tamang nostalgia talaga dito. 🙂

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