Happy people

We Filipinos are often tagged as the “happiest people” in the world.  For despite all the  crises – natural and manmade – that batter our poor country in quick succession, we seem to always find a way to poke fun at them. One latest example is this joke we received about the recent standoff in Makati:

Hi! Please join us for a very special buffet at the Manila Peninsula Hotel.

Masarap ang handa:

Pinosasang Manok, Tinutukang Hipon, Pinaputukang Lobster, Tinirgas na Baka, Pinaiyak na mga Gulay, Ikinulong na Baboy, Pastillas de Trillanes at iba pa!

Please bring your friends and family to avail of big discounts and a chance to win a trip to Bicutan!

The second joke could be referring to the results of a recent survey that says more and more Filipinos are getting poorer by the day:

ANAK: Itay, wala na naman po tayong ulam.

ITAY: Mahirap ngayon ang buhay, anak. Tiis muna tayo. Isipin mo na lang, ulam ang sasabihin ko sa bawat subo mo.

ANAK: Sige po, Itay!

ITAY: Nilagang baka!

ANAK: Hmmnnn… sarap!

ITAY: Adobong manok!

ANAK: Sarap!

ITAY: Paksiw na litson!

ANAK: Ahhhh… saraaappp!

ITAY: Kalderetang kambing!

ANAK: Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu!

ITAY: O, bakit napaiyak ka?

ANAK: Ang anghang, ‘Tay!

Perhaps this is our unique way of coping with adversities?


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