Happy New Year!


Triple birthdays

Birthday card

Merle Salvador (December 25), Rizaldy Espiritu (December 30) and Noelito Roque (December 30) are celebrating their birthdays this month.

We’re sure you already know why Didi was named Rizaldy, but we wonder why Merle was not named Jesusa. Anyway, here’s a tidbit about these two peps: When we elected our class officers, Merle was chosen as muse and Didi, her escort.

About Noelito, the “chick-boy” of the class, wala pa ring balita.

Sana naman magparamdam na kayo. Especially you, Didi. Keith and Remy have been texting you.

Wherever you are, guys, happy, happy, happy birthday!

Petropolis acquires a cyberhome


Keith’s animal clinic, Petropolis, can now be found on the net. You can click here to visit the website. And don’t forget, you are most welcome to visit his clinic and meet up with him in person.


Charice! O Charice!

It’s Christmas day and we have a nice treat for all of you. Here’s Charice Pempengco’s performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show aired last December 19. Watching this young lady perform will really make you proud to be Pinoy. What a gem, indeed!

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Maligayang Pasko

Pasko na naman, mga peps. Para naman maramdaman natin sa site ang Kapaskuhan, nag-post kami ng ilang kantang pamasko. Sana’y maging masaya tayong lahat at ang ating kani-kanyang pamilya sa kabila ng samutsaring problema ng ating bayang Pilipinas.


Former classmate, too

Arnel and son

Do you recognize the guy? That’s Arnel Batungbakal, a former classmate of a number of peps’. If we’re not mistaken, he was a member of the IV-4 class?

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White Christmas

Christmas in Amsterdam

I woke up this morning and was surprised that it had started snowing in Amsterdam. It’s minus 3° Celcius today and it’s really chilly because of the eastern wind coming from Russia, as what my colleague was explaining to me last night on our way to the train station.

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