London calling

Renee “Chie” dela Peña sent us the pictures we are posting here and this short message:”Hi to everyone! Congratulations to all of you who organized this site. All I can say for now is regards to everyone and keep up the good work.”

Renee in London

As we have told you earlier, Chie is now based in London, where she has been working as a sterile technician at a government hospital for the last seven years. She said in her second email that she looks forward to attending our planned reunion.

Welcome to the site, Renee! And keep us posted.

Reny and colleagues

Renee in London

Renee in London

These photos are also posted here.


2 thoughts on “London calling

  1. the Site Team

    HI Ewok,

    Thanks sa comment. Are you also a graduate of Lakan Dula? It’s nice to know that there are people like you who appreciate our blog. Keep on visiting the site and we hope your class could have its own blog soon.

    Actually, the site is also open to everyone, especially those who were former classmates of ours in our first three years in LDHS. Tulad nina Bernie Cristobal, Orlando Castro, sisters Pilar and Rebecca Pabustan, Arnel Batungbakal, Victorino Aguila, Ernesto dela Cruz, Evangeline Capulong, etc., etc. And of course our other teachers like Mrs. Torrijos, Ms. Raymundo, Ms. Llanes, Mrs. Perez, Ms. Bustamante, etc., etc. Hope we could also get in touch with them thru this blog.

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