Success story of an LDHS grad

We stumbled on the following article in the online edition of Manila Bulletin, dated March 25, 2007. It is about the scholarships given by the NEC Foundation, Inc. for less privileged students.

We are reprinting this story because it features Christopher Basmayor, a graduate of Lakan Dula High School (Batch ’98 ) who won a grant from said foundation and graduated summa cum laude. Also consider this as our blog’s for-your-information service. Who knows, your son or daughter could be the next NEC scholar.

Christopher Basmayor

Christopher at St. James Park in London, England

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What is love?

We are still waiting for Remy’s compilation of our definitions of love, which we wrote in her slambook. Meantime, we found a similar collection that contains views of grade schoolers (4 to 8 year-olds, but we don’t know from which country) who were posed the question, “What does love mean?” Reading their replies will make one realize that children’s “unadulterated” take on life, which we (adults) often dismiss as mere child’s talk, can give us really profound lessons.

We are reprinting this dahil magpapasko na naman. Time to remind us to give love on Christmas day. And for the present crop of high school students, you might want to take inspiration from this list next time you sign a slambook. Ibaon na sa lupa ang “Love is like a rosary that is full of mysteries.”

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Favorite places

When Rico J. Puno recorded his own version of Barbra Streisand’s “The way we were”, our batch readily embraced the song as our own. The line “Namamasyal pa sa Luneta nang walang pera” that he incorporated into the lyrics succeeded in capturing the simple life we were leading during our growing-up years.

Coming from poor or lower middle class families, most of us did not have the means to indulge in luxuries  our peers in private schools might even have taken for granted. And this simplicity was best reflected by the places we loved hanging out in.

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A get-together this December is in the works. Remy broached this idea after learning that Reny would be spending her Christmas vacation in the Philippines. We asked Keith to take the lead in organizing this and he readily obliged.

Aside from the usual kumustahan, the occasion will serve as a brainstorming session for the planned class reunion in 2008. Use Keith’s email if you have concrete suggestions, particularly your preferred date.

How about inviting Ms. Tangco and Ms. Mardo to attend this kita-kits?

Sulat ni Tatay at Nanay sa atin

Naaalala pa ba n’yo yung isang post natin tungkol sa ating mga magulang (Parental wisdom, Pinoy style)? Doo’y binabalikan natin, sa nakatatawang paraan, ang di-pagkakaunawaang madalas mangyari sa relasyong magulang at anak.

Nabasa iyon ng isang masugid na mambabasa ng ating blog, at kamakailan ay ipinadala niya ang isang artikulong nabasa niya sa internet na may katulad ding tema. Pero dito, perspektib naman ng magulang ang diin. Sinulat ito ni Rev. Fr. Ariel F. Robles, spiritual director ng St. Augustine Parish sa Baliuag, Bulacan.

Sana’y magustuhan n’yo rin, sabi ng ating avid reader na nakabase sa Los Angeles, California.

Babala: Seryoso ang artikulo kaya ihanda na ninyo ang inyong mga panyo. Pwede n’yo ring ibahagi ito sa ating mga kapatid, anak at kaibigan  ….

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Tuazon-Martin family

In Remy’s first update she introduced to us her whole family, and we’re sure everyone would want to see them. So Remy is sending us some pics taken during their family vacation in Baguio City last November 1-3.

Remy’s children
Danny’s and Remy’s “babies”: Daniel Ron, Diana Rose, and Dean Richard

Martin family

Danny and Remy, first and third from left (as if you didn’t know), with relatives

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