Gil Buan in Ontario?

Our recent search on the internet yielded an entry on a certain “Gil Buan” of Ontario, Canada. We have sent him an email and let’s see if he’s the “right” Gil we are looking for.

Or he could be the owner of this Friendster account that we also came across recently.

The peps haven’t heard from this math wizard since he attended our 1988 reunion in Batangas.

As far as we know, Larry and Gil’s family are still neighbors in Valenzuela. Maybe Larry could check out his whereabouts?

Update: Gil Buan has been found.


One thought on “Gil Buan in Ontario?

  1. Luisito C. Hagos

    I hope that someday I could read the profile and wherabouts (with pictures) of LDHS graduates by batch. Their achievements would defenitely inspire us. Pati sana yung mga teachers natin. Thanks. ‘Sensya na ang dami kong request.

    The Site Team: Hi Luisito. Walang problema sa mga requests mo. We appreciate them. This particular rquest of yours is already being done doon sa kabilang site (LDHS Alumni Network). An attempt to feature outstanding graduates has also been started, We do hope to see you there. Thanks again. Sama ka minsan sa mga lakad namin if you have time.

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