Ms. Mardo now teaching in Tagaytay

Written by Rorie Quijano

I contacted Ms. Tangco and asked about our teachers. She promised she will forward the addresses of those who are still here in the Philippines. Most of them (Mrs. Correa, for one) have already immigrated to the States. Ms. Tangco also told me that Miss Amelia Mardo (now Mrs. Orieta) is in Alfonso High School in Tagaytay.

The latter I was able to track down c/o the mayor’s office in Tagaytay. I was able to talk to her and got her contact numbers. I will try to get the others’ contact numbers and addresses and will forward them to you as soon as I get them.

I am in constant touch (by phone) with Nitz Mercado and you can send any message to her through me.


One thought on “Ms. Mardo now teaching in Tagaytay

  1. Monching Q. Pangindian

    musta na? dumating naba sila papa mo from the states? got hold of our alumni website thru norie nicolas of batch ’70. good thing we now have our own website. our batch is planning a reunion in 2010, our 40th year. we will inform other alumnis of the date and venue soon.

    kuya monching q. pangindian

    The Site Team: Hi Monching. Is this message for Rorie Quijano? We’ll forward this to her. Thanks for visiting our blog and the LDHS Alumni Network. And good luck to your reunion.

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