Classic TV commercials

We have featured the songs we used to listen to, how life was when we were kids, how Manila looked like years ago … This time, we want to refresh your memories with commercials that graced Philippine television in the ’70s. Enjoy!

1. Ford Fiera

2. Royal Tru Orange

3. Juicy Fruit

4. Kokuryu Cosmetics

5. Nescafe

6. 680 Department Store

7. Fita Biscuits

8. Superwheel

9. Fres Gusto (check out the boy in the last scene)

10. Ginebra San Miguel

11. San Miguel Beer

12. Coke

13. Security Bank

14. Far East Bank

15. Ginebra Kelly

16. Champion Cigarettes

17. Dial Soap

18. White Castle Whiskey

19. Royal Chocolate Margarine

20. VetoDeodorant

21. JVC TV


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