Young journalists

Did you know that a group of peps published a newsletter called The Link when they were still in college? That was how obsessed they had become in trying their darndest to maintain our links after graduation.

The plan was hatched in 1981 at Larry’s place in Pritil, which was one of the peps’ regular meeting places. Larry’s family had moved to Malinta and he was left alone in the apartment that was just awaiting demolition. The idea was to publish a simple newsletter that would document all updates on the peps and share these to the class members.

Putting up such a publication was no problem for the peps, considering their experience as young journalists in high school. On their third year, most of them had taken up journalism classes to prepare them to run the school’s official student newspapers: The Barangay and Ang Baranggay (Rorie and Lito, respectively, were eventually named chief editors of these publications). At an early age they already knew the 5W’s and 1H, the inverted pyramid and all that journalese.

For this new journalistic venture, the first thing they did was to form an editorial staff. Those named to be part of the team were Larry Ramos, Eddie Roberto, Didi Espiritu, Mel Abas, Jaime Borja, Lito Parungo, Keith dela Cruz, Dado Dizon, Ariel Dimacali, Resty Vigo and Eric Macatangay, who also pooled in whatever amount they could cough up to finance the actual printing.

Armed with a portable typewriter, the aspiring journalists spent a number of nights at Larry’s dig, which served as the staff’s official newsroom. Articles were written and edited, illustrations were discussed collectively and drawn by Eric, and the stencils, prepared for mimeographing. When everything was finished, Larry took care of bringing the stencils to Recto for reproduction. And voila, the first issue was out.

The Link had all the elements of the kind of newsletters that Miss Beth Bustamante and Mrs. Yoly Perez taught us to produce in our “exploratory” journalism classes. It contained news and feature stories, an editorial, and even literary articles – all focused on the IV-1 peps.

Unfortunately, The Link folded up after the publication of its maiden issue due to financial constraints. Does anyone still have a copy of this newsletter?

[Update: A copy of this newsletter has been found. Click here to read the post.]


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