Manila of the past


Keith dela Cruz is sharing this Powerpoint presentation featuring images of how the Philippines, particularly Manila, looked like years ago. See it and be reminded also of your favorite showbiz stars. Indeed, a trip down memory lane. Keith said he would submit more contributions soon. Abala lang daw sa pagpapaanak ng mga aso at pusa.

Click here to download the presentation and here if you don’t have the Powerpoint program needed to view the file.


One thought on “Manila of the past

  1. Lito Parungo

    Naaalala n’yo pa rin ba ang Good Earth Emporium sa Avenida? Particularly ang rooftop? I remember madalas nating pasyalan ito dahil sa mga games. Wala pang mga malls noon. And, of course, ang Luneta, where Keith could show his skating talent. And who was that guy who, on our way to Luneta, did the sign of the cross when we passed by the Manila City Hall?

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