Where’s Ma’am Fe?

Ma’am Fe

Does anyone know where and how we could find our dearest Ma’am Fe? It has been ages since we last saw and heard from her and no one among the peps seems to know where she is now.

Ma’am Fe is shown in this photo taken sometime in the 80’s when she joined us in one of our Angono trips. Another gathering she attended was Zeny’s graduation party.

Let’s find her. Ma’am Fe’s married name is Purificacion Calope-Lomantas. By hook or by crook, she must attend our planned class reunion.


To all the kids who were born in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s

Lito Parungo received this e-mail from a friend and would like to share it with all of you. It will somehow remind us of our own childhood and how things were so simple then. Here it is:

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Rorie’s angels

Rebecca Quijano-Siasoco

Rachel Quijano-Siasoco

It’s raining kids here, folks. After featuring Larry’s granddaughters, we would like to introduce to you another set of young ladies: Rebecca (6) and Rachel (3). They are Rorie’s babies. These photos were taken during the wedding of Rorie’s sister Rizza in December 2006, where the two stood as flower girls and Rorie as one of the sponsors.

Super lolo

Larry and granddaughters

Time flies, indeed. Lauro Ramos emailed this picture today. No, these are not his kids but those of his son, Lawrence, who happens to be an inaanak of a number of IV-1 peps. Lawrence, or Encho, is a graduate of architecture and, following his father’s footsteps, got married while in college.

Those who have never given Encho any pamasko since after his baptism in Novaliches are requested to please do so now and give them to these two cute little girls instead.

Larry also wrote he’s now working for Universal Robina in Pasig. Expect more updates from Larry as he promised to send contributions to this blog.

By the way, this is the first blog under this new category, The Future. We will be featuring here the peps’ children and grandchildren, as in Larry’s case (and most probably Eric’s, too).



Makukumpleto ba ang pagbabaliktanaw sa ating high school days na hindi nababanggit ang slambook? Lalo na noong malapit na tayong grumadweyt, sunud-sunod ang dating ng mga slambook na kailangan nating sagutan.

Di rin biro ang oras na ginugugol ng may-ari ng slambook. Isang simpleng notebook lang ito, at dito’y uulit-ulitin ng nagpapapirma ang mga tanong na gusto niyang sagutin ng kanyang mga classmates at kaibigan. Name, address, date of birth, etc.

Pero hindi ito ang mga pinaka-exciting na sagutin sa slambook. Hindi rin ang tanong tungkol sa ating favorite color, o favorite song, o favorite film, o kung anu-ano pang favorites. Ang nakakatuwang balikan ay ang mga tanong (at sagot) tungkol sa ating pagtingin sa love.

Dahil mga dalaginding at binatilyo na, halos lahat ay nagsisimula nang i-explore ang konsepto ng pag-ibig, kung ano nga ba ang love. Kung babalikan natin ang ating mga naging sagot noon, ganito natin binigyan, halimbawa, ang kahulugan ng crush: “Crush is paghanga.” O kaya naman “Crush is one step towards love.” Ganito naman ang pakahulugan ng marami sa pag-ibig: “Love is like a rosary that is full of mysteries.” (Paki-send naman ng iba’t ibang definitions natin ng love.)

May nakapagtabi kaya sa atin ng slambook? Pakipasa naman at nang maidagdag natin sa post na ito. Sarap pagtripan kung paano mag-isip ang mga peps noong panahon ng kanilang kamusmusan.

‘I love you all’

John Marte Marcella is alive and kicking! He got in touch with us today via our email ad and he’s excited about the site and the planned reunion. We asked him to send an update on him and we do hope he does soon. He left his cellphone number and a sweet message for all of us: “Mabuhay ang IV-1! I love you all!” That’s quintessential John for you.

Welcome to the site, John, and help us find the other missing peps, especially Angelita Santos, Martina Kalaw and Aurea Salac.

Update: John is now teaching at the Elpidio Quirino High School in Bacood, Sta. Mesa, Manila. No wonder, because John belongs to a family that has produced a number of teachers.

Young journalists

Did you know that a group of peps published a newsletter called The Link when they were still in college? That was how obsessed they had become in trying their darndest to maintain our links after graduation.

The plan was hatched in 1981 at Larry’s place in Pritil, which was one of the peps’ regular meeting places. Larry’s family had moved to Malinta and he was left alone in the apartment that was just awaiting demolition. The idea was to publish a simple newsletter that would document all updates on the peps and share these to the class members.
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