Class reunion in 1988

The Girls

One of the most well-attended reunions we’ve had was the one held in 1988, exactly 10 years after we graduated from high school. It was held in a Matabungkay beach resort in Batangas and attended by almost half of the class.

Those present were: Laarni Canicula, Rorie Quijano, Malu Ortiz, Ruby Gaviola, Reny dela Peña, Nitz Mercado, Pearly Jaramilla, Zeny Cervantes and Merle Salvador (with daughter Margaux). Representing the boys were: Larry Ramos, Buddy Ignacio, Gil Buan, Mario Mercado, Eric Macatangay, Roger del Prado, Eddie Roberto, George Hizon, Gil Monte de Ramos, Ric Manuel, Resty Vigo, Lito Parungo and June Lapira.

The Boys

Other classmates – Didi Espiritu, Dado Dizon, Keith dela Cruz, Noelito Roque and Remy Tuazon – did attend the series of preparatory meetings but for various reasons begged off at the last minute.

It was a fun two-day outing, with a mini-Olympic tournament that pitted the peps against each other in gruelling games of sack race, track-and-field relay, and tug-of-war. And the highlight of the reunion? Our own Urian Awards that recognized the peps’ most hilarious and dramatic moments in the past.

Sana (dapat!) maulit muli

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