Message from Rorie

Yehey! Rorie has responded to our email! She is indeed the Dr. Rosarita Quijano-Siasoco we found on the net. We are reprinting here the message she sent us. We also have her contact information and those interested to get in touch with her – and with any peps, for that matter – can drop us a note.

Here’s Rorie’s letter:

I was able to view the site. Nice! Brought back a lot of memories …

I’m with the Department of Health, and I’m also a mama to two girls – 3 years old and 6 years old. Both premature and I was on bed rest the whole time I was pregnant.

My husband is an accountant, from the Siasoco clan of Marikina and San Juan (the confetti shoes business).

We live with Papang and Mamang in Parañaque, our ancestral house, because my sisters are already in the States. We visit them in the US once in a while.

Please let me know/provide me of the contact numbers of our classmates here and abroad. I usually go on travel duty in my capacity as national coordinator for Healthy Cities-Urban Health, which liases with the World Health Organization. I might be able to track them down in one of my trips. I also do a lot of field travels as I am with the Bureau of Local Health Development of the DOH. Once in a while, you might be able to get a glimpse of me (photos) in the dailies, with some local chief executives … Hehehe, not really mataba and not that thin anymore!

Mrs. Baking is Wilhelmina – she passed away several years ago. I still keep in touch with Ms. Rodelia Tangco and the former Ms. Raflores (I don’t know her married name).

I’ll try to send you some updated pictures. I still have a lot of our old pictures – albums! They are all stored in our house in Parañaque. Remember my being a camera bug? I still have that “bug” with me!

Keep in touch. Ok to circulate this email to our classmates.



3 thoughts on “Message from Rorie

  1. the Site Team

    Hi Rorie,

    Welcome to the site. Really nice to hear from you.

    But we are also saddened by the news about Mrs. Baking’s passing. Wouldn’t it be great if you could write a tribute to her (you being the chief editor of The Barangay)? We are also planning to do the same with our classmate Jaime Borja, who died in 1990 (or 1989?).

    Was Ms. Tangco our YDT-CAT teacher? Or was it Ms. Raflores?

  2. Rorie Quijano

    Hi, folks!

    ‘Am on travel till the end of the month, very busy, sorry.

    Mulling over your suggestion to write a tribute on Mrs. Baking… It has been years and I must admit it will be difficult to do so, but will try.

    Ms. Tangco is our YDT teacher, us girls. I forgot the name (Ms. Mardo ba?) of your teacher but I remember her face. Will ask Ms. Tangco when I get to talk to her (over the phone).

    Who lives near our house in Paranaque? Would be willing to host a get-together sometime for a brainstorming for our reunion, just let me know. We also keep the house in Moriones, or let’s try meeting at the DOH (kahit toxic sa office).

    Keep in touch.

    Best regards,


  3. Maria Luisa Sarmiento-Ruzol

    Dear Rorie,

    Hello! I’m Ludy’s classmate. Please send my regards to her. Thanks.

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