Zeny’s college graduation party

We don’t have a large collection of group pictures, simply because not many of us had access to a camera then. That’s why seeing old photos of the peps together is always a welcome treat. This picture, for instance.

Zeny’s graduation

It was taken in 1983, during Zenaida Cervantes’ graduation party at Barrio Fiesta restaurant in Ermita. Zeny graduated summa cum laude from the Far Eastern University, tucking away a degree in accountancy. Among her guests then, syempre, were some peps, including no less than our class adviser.

Let’s identify the people in the photo (those seated, from left): Lito Parungo, George Hizon, Ana Marie Joaquin, Pearly Jaramilla, Ma’am Fe Calope-Lomantas  and her cousin. Standing (from left) are Didi Espiritu’s friend, Didi himself, Eric Macatangay, Keith dela Cruz, Zeny, Danny Martin, Remy Tuazon and Mario Mercado.

We will be featuring some more photos in the coming days. Please start rummaging through your files and send us scanned versions of our pictures taken during weddings, birthday parties, trips, baptisms, etc. Snaps of your family members are also welcome so that everyone gets to know them, too.


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