Our songs

For the first blog under this category, we thought of making an initial inventory of our favorite songs.

Remember that sari-sari store (or restaurant?) located at the corner of Juan Luna and Solis Streets? Many of us frequented this place to spend our spare cents on the jukebox and satisfy our cravings for music.

Two songs we always played then were “Band on the run” by Paul McCartney & the Wings and “Bohemian Rhapsody” by the Queen.

Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Paul McCarney’s live rendition of ” Band on the Run”

Other foreign artists we liked included Alice Cooper (“I never cry”), Eagles (“Hotel California”), Elton John (“Skyline pigeon” and “Goodbye, yellow brick road”), Led Zeppelin (“Stairway to heaven”), and Rod Stewart (“I don’t wanna talk about it”).

The songs that made us run to the dance floor were those by the Bee Gees (“Stayin’ alive”, “Night fever”, and “More than a woman”), KC & the Sunshine Band (“That’s the way I like it”) , Gloria Gaynor (“I will survive”), Patrick Hernandez (“Born to be alive”), The Trampps (“Disco inferno”), Wild Cherry (“Play that funky music”), Village People (“YMCA”), Tina Charles (“I love to love”), Anita Ward (“Ring my bell”), Donna Summer (“Bad girls”), Lipps Inc. (“Funkytown”) …

Disco music of the ’70s

Our batch was also witness to the emergence of the so-called original Pilipino music (OPM), with hits popularized by the Juan dela Cruz Band (“Ang himig natin”), Mike Hanopol (“Jeproks”), Sampaguita (“Bonggahan”), Maria Cafra (“Kumusta mga kaibigan?”), etc. Jose Marie Chan’s “Can we stop and talk a while” was also a theme song of many lovers. We also warmly received Hotdogs’ “Pers Lab” (tigyawat sa ilong, pati na sa pisngi) and “Annie Batungbakal”, Cinderella’s “Ang boyfriend kong baduy” and many others which I will try to list down in my future posts.

Juan dela Cruz Band performing in a recent reunion concert

While we all enjoyed listening to these songs, we also loved singing them. At least three peps (Mario Mercado, Ariel Dimacali and Ana Marie Joaquin) played the guitar well and used to lead our kantahan sessions. While belting out the hits of our period, we would also try the songs of yesteryears like those of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Cascades, and the Brothers Four. Pero madalang na ngayon ang ganitong mga kantahan dahil sa videoke. At wala na rin yatang jukebox.

If I have a personal favorite? Picking out just one song is difficult. But for now, it will have to be “Disney girls” – the two versions waxed by Captain & Tennille and Art Garfunkel (see below) are simply great. How about you? Any specific song that evokes memories of our high school days? Share! (CP)

“Disney Girls” by Captain & Tennille and Art Garfunkel


7 thoughts on “Our songs

  1. Larry Ramos

    Your list of ’70s songs is great. It brings a lot of nostalgia, baby! Naaalala mo pa ba yan, pare? Parang namamasyal sa Luneta nang walang pera. For me the best pa rin ang “Nice to be around” ni Paul Williams because it was, I believe, a favorite of a special someone. Siyempre memorable din ang “Dick & Jane”. I’ve been collecting songs from the 70s and they really bring a lot of happy and sad memories. On top sa mga collection ko basically are “female” songs that were being played in the middle ’70s and early ’80s. Of course I have this Greatest Hits of Michael Jackson, which includes songs like “Happy”, “Ben”, “One day in your life”, “Got to be there”, “Music & me”, etc at siyempre Elton John mga repapips, ang walang kamatayang “Skyline pigeon”, “Yellow brick road”, “Candle in the wind”, “We all fall in love sometimes”, “Sweet painted lady”. Senti favorites – “Storybook girl” ng Sylvers, songs ng Stylistics, Blue Magic at Miracles at ang early 80’s hit na “This girl has turned into a woman” at “Torn between two lovers” (He! he! he!).

  2. Lito Parungo

    Oo nga, Pareng Larry. while reading your own list, puro “Oo nga” ang nasabi ko. ’70s talaga ang golden age ng music, no? “Nice to be around” ba title nung kay Paul Williams? O “You and me against the world”. Naalala ko rin ang “Wildflower” na paboritong kantahin ni Ariel Dimacali. Saka “City of angels”. Sana humaba pa listahan.

  3. Remy Tuazon

    Ok mga memory ninyo ha. Imagine after 30 years, you still remember lahat ng mga kanta, sino ang kumanta and the composer. Sabagay habang binabasa ko mga responses ni Larry and Lito sa mga songs, unti-unti ko ring nare-recall ang mga hangouts, mga kalokohan, mga activities natin. Pero ang ilang memories na di ko nakakalimutan when we were together (me, Reny, Becka, Rosalinda, Kuya Buddy, Loreto and Kuya Mar) sa Lakandula-Ventura, sa ating virgin forest doon, ay ‘pag dala ni Kuya Mar ang gitara niya. Ang nare-remember ko na song ay ‘yung “Band on the run”, then sasayaw na si Kuya Buddy. Ang naaalala ko kay Kuya Buds, yung kurutan namin sa hangin. O di ba? Sana ma-remember pa ni Kuya Buds. And ‘pag galit naman kami sa mundo, lalo na ‘pag may problema, ang madalas na kinakanta namin ay “You and me against the world”. Pero ang pinakagusto ko na kinakanta ni Kuya Mar ay yung “Happy” and “Smile”. Sana ma-remember din ni Kuya Mar, just in case mabasa niya ito. This is all for now. Kapag may naalala pa ‘ko, share ko na lang in my future posts.

  4. Berlin Pinoy

    That song “Disney girls” is really nice. Thanks for posting it. Theme song namin dati yun ng syota ko. Nice site, by the way. Taga-Torres High po ako. Pero ahead po kayo sa akin nang one year. Nakaka-miss ang high school days. At ang Pinas. Hayyyy …!

  5. the Site Team

    Salamat po. Did you know we used your school’s grounds for our graduation ceremony? Wala pa kasing space ang Lakan Dula dati. Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Marilou Pascual

    Very nice selection of songs. Kindly include the songs of Eric Carmen, like All by Myself/ Jim Croce Photographs and Memories, etc./ Anne Murray, and so on.
    Thank you for the group effort. I am really excited to attend the coming reunion. Part of the excitement though is being able to identify our former classmates and batch mates…I think most of us will say to one another is “IS THAT YOU”?😱😳😁
    God bless everyone. I will be counting the days ….💋

  7. the Site Team

    Tama ka, Marilou, exciting nga na maghulaan kung sino ang sino sa ating reunion. Mahaba na talaga ang nilakad ng ating batch at malaki na rin ang ipinagbago ng marami. Kita-kita tayo sa reunion.

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